daily life and simple things

The weather has been so nice these past few days.
We’ve enjoyed being outside admiring the beautiful fall colors. Samuel always watching the trees blowing in the wind.

Kiah has been practicing her writing. She wants to do words now. She wrote Zoo on the driveway. The Z is backward.
She wants to know what every word is that she sees now.

The girls looooooove their tights.
They are so excited the weather is cool so they can wear their new tights.
You should have seen them at Target picking them out. They had a tough time, but they walked away with three pairs each.

Love this picture of Ava and the sunshine….

I can’t believe I’m about to be the mother of a six year old.

She picked out her entire outfit. I like it.

Ava wanted to take pictures again.
She’s becoming quite the photographer.

She has been taking pictures of everything lately.
Exhibits B and C….

My babies are growing up.
I’m so thankful I can stay home with them and watch them grow.

This is one of my favorite wraps.
It’s a Didymos Colorgrown Waves.I love the Didymos wraps. They are all so amazing.
I quit wearing it for a while because I thought Samuel was getting to heavy for it. Turns out I wasn’t wrapping it tight enough.

This is Samuel’s forever wrap. He will wear his kids in it one day.
All of the kids have a forever(legacy)wrap.

It really is a beautiful wrap. Perfect for year round use.

Then they made a birds nest and we ran inside to wait and see if any birds would come to it.
It was made up of dried grass, fresh green grass, leaves, and berries from a bush in the front yard.


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