>This Life

>First thing this morning before eating.
Drawing and playing in the sandbox in their pj’s.

I held Samuel in my lap while he put his toes in the sand.
It was such a beautiful day out for the end of November. Felt more like the beginning of summer.

I love our backyard, and so do the girls. Can’t wait to clean it up and bring in more for everyone to enjoy the space.
We’re thinking a swing set and maybe one of those big outdoor playhouses, or a tent of some sort.

Also a table and chairs…..oh and a grill would be nice.

Breakfast and then we got dressed and headed out for a walk to the park.
Strollers and Blue Clues came along for the trip.

Kiah says mommy speed up means to go faster and hurry up.

She was telling me to speed up. I guess I was walking to slow, but I was watching them play and explore…

Then we finally arrived at the park!
Climbing, sliding, swinging, chasing, watching.

Samuel even got in on some of the action.

Back home there was painting rocks…aren’t they pretty?

Building a drum set out of blocks

Computer play, pretend play, video game play, doll house play, kitchen play and lots of other play.


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