What Children Know

  Children know laughter
They know tears
Children know peace
They know chaos
Children know acceptance
They know rejection
Children know joy
They know pain
Children know abundance
They know lack
Children know health
They know illness
Children know fulfillment
They know emptiness
Children know hope
They know dismay
Children know love
They know hatred
What they don’t know is WHY!

Namie Elisha


3 thoughts on “What Children Know

  1. So true. I grew up in a family that tended to treat their children like they were't quite people yet (I think this was a very common subconscious mindset for my parents' generation). The thing is, that's totally bogus, children are 100% sentient, fully autonomous human beings from the moment they are born. The one thing they lack from the adults is experience to understand "the why's".

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