>The Last Day of November

>I thought I would have this grand blog post for today. This is day 30 of my blog challenge.
I really enjoyed blogging every day this month.
Right now I’m typing this post with one hand…..Samuel is on my lap knocking things around the desk.

I suppose this post will be made up of the random thoughts going on in my head at the moment.

Charles is working longer hours for the Holiday season. I should be thankful he doesn’t work 3rd shift. I don’t know if I would survive.
I’m really looking forward to him coming home. Mama needs a break!

Kiah has been counting down the days until her birthday since earlier this month.
She didn’t understand why once we got to the end of the month we had to start over with number one.
Once I explained to her that this is how the months go by and she only has five days left until her birthday, she smiled.

Since the countdown started there has been lots of talk about numbers.
How old people are….what time it is…..playing with our number flashcards.
Naturally this has lead into more adding, subtracting and even division.

Unschooling math looks so different from school math.
I much prefer the way she’s learning at her own pace, in her own way. It’s really amazing to watch.

Oh, I also wanted to tell you all to keep an eye out for a upcoming review and giveaway.
We all like winning things, right?

See….randomness at every turn.


One thought on “>The Last Day of November

  1. >One hand, huh?Take you a week to type it???:)I'm sorry 'bout the Mama over-time. Sometimes it's quite alright, and at others I say over and over to myself "Mother Of God!". :DCheeky, ain't I?Hope today was better than that!!xxoo

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