>Happy Birthday Kiah!

>She had so much fun at her party yesterday. Our house was packed. The kids ran through the house, played outside and upstairs in the girls room.
I’m so happy she had such a great turn out. She was very happy to see all of her friends and family.

It’s so hard to believe that she was once this small. She wasn’t even all that small back then. She weighed 10lbs even at birth. She looked like a 3 month old!

I remember what it felt like holding her for the first time. It was surreal.

2 months old

5 months

I think back to her first year and parts of it are a blur to me. Time went so fast and I was adjusting to being a new mommy.

She has helped me be a better mother. I have said and done things that I shouldn’t have, yet she still loves me. I’m her role model. I love her so much and sometimes I wonder if she knows. I hope my words and actions convey that love.

Her 2nd birthday

I know they don’t always, but I really am doing my best.

3 years

She’s a great big sister. She loves Ava and Samuel so much. She’s always looking out for them. Sharing her food without Ava asking her to, playing with Samuel.
She gets some of the biggest laughs out of him.

4 years
I was getting ready for her party that morning. She asked if she could wear makeup too. It was her special day so why not…..she loved being a princess.

5 years
She’s also quite adventurous. Always has been.

She has her own style and I love it.
She loves skirts and dresses.

6 years of laughing, crying, teaching showing, observing, exploring, and she is still growing and changing every day.

When I found out I was having a girl I prayed. I prayed that I wouldn’t screw her up. I’m glad we have such a open and close relationship. She knows she can come to me and ask me anything. She knows I will never raise my hand to her in anger.
She deserves to have a fabulous childhood filled with all of the love I have to give and then some.

Nakiah is a remarkable kid. I can’t believe that God chose me to be her mother. He knew we would be a perfect match. He knew she would teach me so much about loving and living.

Happy Birthday Nakiah, I love you SO much!


8 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday Kiah!

  1. >HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS NAKIAH!!!thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures…they sure do grow up fast. Love her style most of all…marching to the beat of her own drum. cute. one love.

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