>Tis The Season for Moving

>We decided last night that we will be moving in two weeks! Yes we have lost our minds, yes we are excited and so are the girls.
This move will be local. We moved into this place right around Thanksgiving last year. We have made some wonderful memories in this place. We will not say goodbye forever though.

My mom and my brother are moving here. They are going to move into this place with my dad and we are moving out. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.
We will most likely leave their toys in the backyard so when we come to visit they can still play. For the grand move itself, we will take all of the heavy things like our beds, dressers, couch, tv, computer. Over the weeks after the move we can come back to gather smaller things in our van.

It’s really wild because we don’t even have a place picked out yet. That’s ok. When we moved here I found this place in one day. The townhome we were supposed to move into last year wasn’t ready and we didn’t find out until the day of the move.
So you see, I work well under pressure.

The only thing I’m really worried about right now is making sure the kids have a great Christmas.
For us Christmas is more than decorations and gifts. Still, I would like to decorate and get our tree up. At first I was thinking we could  put up some decorations here and then put the tree up in our new place, and we could make decorations for the windows in both places.
Too lofty a goal maybe?

We have so much stuff to pack. I think I’m going to try to freecycle as much as possible over these next two weeks.
We knew we were going to move out of this place, it’s happening a little sooner than we expected.

I’m so excited to see my brother again. We were not all that close growing up, but I would like to change that. He has never Ava or Samuel. The last time he saw Nakiah she was 15 months old I believe. It’s been way too long.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a time, you know I do not have the best relationship with my mom.
That is also something I would like to change. I’m not expecting a grand change over night, or even in the next few months. I accept that repairing relationships takes time.
Kiah remembers my mom, but Ava does not.

Remember when I talked about embracing change?
Well, I have a lot of things in my life about to change. I’m ready. I think I’m strong enough to handle whatever life throws at me.
I’m going to make some changes of my own as well. I have a feeling 2011 is going to be filled with change of all kinds. I think it will be a good year.


6 thoughts on “>Tis The Season for Moving

  1. >Thank you all for the prayers. They are much needed right now. I'm heading out with the kiddos today to look at a few places. I'm excited about moving, but also a little nervous.I really want to make sure Christmas is as stress free as possible for everyone.I don't think moving has to be stressful. I'm going to do my best to find a way to make it as fun as possible for the girls.

  2. >Darcel~ Good for you! What a wonderful adventure:) When our girls were about 4 and 6 we moved at Christmas. Our Buyers were getting custody of their Grand-daughter & requested to move on Christmas Day.. So we were out & into a new place by Christmas Eve. My girls even asked Santa if that would be okay & if he'd find them at the new house.. (The nice "Mall Santa", assured them he'd find them, and that was very nice of them to let the new little girl have their old house for Christmas, he'd leave her nice things too). I hope your weather will be kind to you.We also moved once on Easter Eve..Crazy Crazy!I will keep you in Prayer over your Family issue too. I understand how difficult it is to have turmoil in family. I love mine so much, but we have such issues, the Holidays are stressful & prayerful times indeed!Love to you my new friend♥

  3. >Good thing it is a local move. I just told my husband the other day I don't think I could handle moving to another state again. I feel like we have just settled into the south – after 4 years – and my feet feel firmly planted here for years to come. Your kids are getting so big and beautiful and handsome. I hope your move goes well. Just remember to breath and you'll be fine. :o)My best, Lynn

  4. >Wow, moving in two weeks is a lot to take on especially during the holiday season. I'm keeping you guys in prayer that you will find a place that is even more grand than your current but still within your price range. I think that it's good you all are giving up your current place to all your parents and your brother to move in. Just remember to pray because prayer changes everything and I'm sure that in time God will heal the rocky relationships you have with your mom and brother.

  5. >Darcel, oh wow! congratulation on this decision. You make it all sound so easy … 🙂 and I'm sure you will manage just perfectly! I have a trouble some relationship with my mom as well but since few months I have decided to reach out to her and I decided to embrace it all – the good and the bad … and it seems to be working out just fine … I didn't want to live one day with regrets that I could have tried again and again … so I'm very happy myself for that and I'm wishing you that you may find your way to your mom as well no matter what the difficulty behind … The picture of your daughter holding the baby is just wonderful. Happy day and all the best with the move!

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