>The Past Few Days

>Since we decided we were moving a few days ago, life has been even more chaotic.
Looking for apartments online, driving around neighborhoods writing down numbers, viewing apartments.

My friends are also helping in the search. I’m getting information on rentals in several of the ladies neighborhoods. I have awesome friends…
We’ve decided to wait and move after Christmas. I’m so excited to get the decorations out this week.

In the midst of all that

We’ve played….

I spy while driving around town

Old Maid

ABC’s & 123’s flashcards

Disney Princess Bingo

Listened to Jackson 5

 Rocked out to Transiberian Orchestra – Carol of The Bells

Can’t forget Frosty The Snowman
Oh and Animaniacs

Moms Night Out at my place last night.

We had such a good time. I love getting together with my mommy friends.
Laughing, crying, story telling, supporting.
I love Moms Night Out.

This morning there was playdoh


diaper laundry

Watching Toy Story 3 with the girls while they eat ice cream.

More apartment hunting.

On the list for this week…

we’re decorating for Christmas

making decorations

Christmas shopping

Hoping to play with our friends one day this week, too.


6 thoughts on “>The Past Few Days

  1. >Well, I'm glad that your friends are helping you all find some good places and that you all won't have to move until after Christmas. And a MNO sounds great. I'm looking forward to attending a few before my 2nd baby comes.

  2. >Lady, you are one busy momma! Fitting in all those things WHILE planning to move (which is TOTALLY stressful in and of itself) is commendable. Hi there! I came across your blog from another blog and decided to pay a visit. I'm so happy I found you as I love connecting with other mom bloggers and women of color. I'm your newest follower from Mommy Delicious (http://momdelicious.blogspot.com) where I blog about being a busy NYC mom and full time grad student. I'm also newly single…I've also followed you on Twitter (@MommyDelicious) and "liked" The Mahogany Way on FB (www.facebook.com/mommydelicious).I cant wait to connect with you even more through our writing. PS: I LOVE Moms Night Out!Cheers.

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