> I’ve been dealing with a terrible head cold the past few days. I’m finally starting to feel better today, although I’m not back to 100%
I was out of commission that first day. 

Lots of preparations going on round these parts lately.
Preparing to move, preparing for Christmas, and preparing for a trip back home.
I am so excited to see my friends. It’s been too long!

We started making decorations for the tree this week. I thought it would be a nice new tradition for our family. I’m not a very crafty person, but I try.

We made several Christmas trees and a few snowmen. Maybe I can get fancier next year after I learn how to sew.

The tree is almost done. Charles put it up last night. I was going to try to finish decorating with the kids today. Not sure how much I’ll get done.
Whatever we don’t finish Charles will help with once he gets in tonight.

Samuel had his first tooth pop through a few days ago. I already miss his gummy smile.

I still need to pack. I’m supposed to be cleaning up the house a bit more. I think I’ll sit and watch Polar Express with the kids first.

What are you preparing for these last days before Christmas?


5 thoughts on “>Preparing

  1. >We're preparing to get a tree. Maybe this weekend. We do have all our decorations out of storage and ready to put up.Hope y'all have a wonderufl time and good luck on the move!

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