>December 27th

>Four more days left in 2010.  Things are a bit chaotic around here. My mom and brother have moved in. We are preparing to move out.
There are boxes taking up so much space right now. Feels like we’re living like sardines.
We’re looking forward to getting into our new place.We found two really nice places. I think we’ve settled on one, but Charles hasn’t had a chance to see the inside of the one yet. 

Do you know how much he trusts me? He’s been working everyday since we came back last Monday, except  for Christmas and yesterday because of the snow.
So he left finding a new home up to me. I made calls, drove to various cities looking at places. My mom and brother were able to get a feel for the city while we were out.

I haven’t even started packing yet. We decide on a place this week, and we’re thinking our move date will be the 2nd weekend in January. That gives me two weeks to catch up on laundry, and pack. I can do that, right?

In the meantime we’ve been enjoying our time together. My mom baked cookies with the girls.

The girls have played with some of their new presents. The cash register was popular.

I got a new camera for Christmas! It’s red….one of my favorite colors.
I’ve been playing with it almost non-stop. It has so many features. I went from using a camera with 4 megapixels to12.2. I love my camera! Can’t wait to test out all of the different options and record video. We should also have our new computer monitor tonight or tomorrow.

Pics with my new camera.

Nursing to sleep as he so often does. I’ll be thrilled when that 2nd tooth comes in.

It snowed here….a lot. The city was pretty much shutdown. I laugh whenever it snows here. I’m from up north so I know what a real winter storm looks like.
Isn’t the snow so pretty?

Kiah said she wanted it to snow and she got plenty of it. Now she says she wants it to go away.
They didn’t want to play in it outside, but daddy brought some in the house….

Even though it’s crowded we’ve been enjoying ourselves. I am taking advantage of the extra hands in the house.
There is still lots of playing, movie watching, laughing, sometimes crying from the little ones, cooking, and cleaning.

We don’t get many pictures together.

There you have it.


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