Evenflo Genius in Training Tee Giveaway

Evenflo is sponsoring a giveaway for the relaunch of their new exersaucers.
They have come up with parody videos on how to ensure your child will be a genius.

These webisodes support the re-launch of the new Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump & Learn and Double Fun activity centers designed with new shapes, colors and textures that engage a baby’s senses, spark their imagination and encourage them to interact with others. Evenflo ExerSaucers are inspired and designed through a new partnership with the Child Development Institute to help babies learn and keep them safe and secure if mom or dad need to accomplish a quick task.



Be sure to come back and comment on your favorite video for a chance to win this Genius in Training tee.

Winner will be announced on the 31st.


One thought on “Evenflo Genius in Training Tee Giveaway

  1. Just finished the video. That baby girl is too cute. I like concept of "trying to keep up with jones"…and how rushing babies to do something they weren't ready for was no fun…soon as the baby got in the Exersaucer she was all giggles. Learing should be fun and full exploration…that's what I can tell the Exersacuer does. Btw, cute shirt I'm crossing my fingers for my Muffin to win. 🙂

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