>The End of 2010

>2010 has been a good year. I remember in 2009 thinking that I would have our 3rd child in the Spring of 2010. I still sit in amazement when I look at Samuel. I have three children and one of them is a boy. I have a son! If you haven’t already you can check out his birth story.

I really love my family.

 Photo Credit: Marcia Massey of  Captured.

There are so many great things that happened this year.

I was a featured blogger over at SITS.

My Examiner interview.

Can’t forget our Christmas Miracle.

Talked about why I love unschooling.

It’s also been great to have the support of my husband. None of this would be possible without him.

There was talk of parenting resolutions.

I truly loved sharing my pregnancy with all of you this year. Your kinds words and support will never be forgotten.

You know there was talk of my struggles and joys of Motherhood.

We have had some wonderful moments this year.

I am really excited about what 2011 will bring. I plan on switching to a .com and I’ve already moved some things around here.

 I’m also toying with the idea of starting my sling business again.

….oh the possibilities.

Love and laughter to you and your families!


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