>To The Bookstore We Go

>I’ve always loved Barnes & Noble. To me it’s the perfect place to relax alone or hang out with the kids.
We were out house hunting again and needed a break.
I found so many things in there school section that I want to buy for the girls. We did come away with Spell it Out.

The girls ran to the back, grabbed a book and parked themselves at the table right away.

Samuel did his usual thing…

Nakiah found this really cool button/number book. It had several buttons at the top and bottom of the book. Each page had a number on it and the opposite page had a person or object that same number of holes on the page. They had fun going through the book counting how many holes there were and then plugging that amount of buttons in.

I left them to there book and browsed the kids section for a bit, and I came back to find each girl doing her own thing.

Back home we had two boxes waiting for us on the porch. Instruments! I’ll have a review of them up in a few days.  So there was Spell it out, music with our new instruments, Kirby on the Wii, and Wall-E.
Chili is in the crockpot for dinner, Charles gets off work soon and I’m going to a Moms Night Out to play Bunco with my friends.


3 thoughts on “>To The Bookstore We Go

  1. >Bunco??? I love Bunco! I miss Bunco! I played w/ a group of women, then left them to help start another group. Finally, life got too busy & I retired my spot. GRRRR I have been tring for a couple of years to get back in. I have been also trying to start up a new group. I love having the fellowship with women friends.As for the Bookstore…. I feel you! I loved taking my girls when they were young. And the library too. We have a couple of cool places called Half Priced Books that I can find great books (particularly hard cover reference books that cost an arm & leg new!) Today, I took my youngest daughter (20 yrs) to Antique Stores and saw some beautiful antique books I would love to purchase. sigh.. I love book♥Have a Blessed week Darcel.

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