To The Show

That’s what Charles Dad would call going to the movies. Back then 10 or 15 cents would get you three shows.
This was back in the 1930’s. He said that sometimes he would have money left over for candy and a hotdog.

We wanted to do something as a family so to the show we went.

We saw Tangled. We really liked it. We were both surprised by how much. There were only a handful of families in the theater. That was perfect for us because we aren’t regular movie goers.
Both girls between us munching on popcorn and lemonade. Samuel nursed to sleep.

They looked so cute sitting there.

Every now and then I would hear why wapunzel do that? Why they do that to wapunzel? Laughing and then did you see what wapunzels hair did?
About3/4 of the way through the girls said they wanted to go home. Charles took them out and they came back in with a box of skittles.

We ended up being the last ones to leave after the movies was over. Charles told them they could run down the aisles a few times and run they did.

It was a lovely day spent with my big family. Can’t wait to do something like this again with them soon.


Love Notes

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