Growing Strawberries

I don’t know much about gardening. Hopefully I can change that this spring.  I would like to plant a few things in pots and have the girls help me, maybe they can have their own garden.

While we were in Target the other day I saw the cutest little pots in their dollar bin section at the front of the store. I picked up two strawberry ones and two flower pots for them. They are the Buzzy brand in case anyone wanted to know.

These were really simple and I’m excited to watch them grow. We started by taking the soil out and placing it in another cup to absorb the water.

It was pretty cool to watch the soil go from flat to fluffy and full like so…

I knew strawberry seeds were tiny, but I had no idea they were this tiny.

Next it was time to put the seeds down in the soil. It said no more than 6 seeds per pot and to gently pat them down into the soil. See how gentle they were being?

We’re supposed to let them grown about 3inches and then transfer them to a bigger pot.
I hope they grow and I hope they grow bigger than the ones that come up in my front and backyard.
If not it was fun time spent with my girls anyway.

For now we are waiting for them to grow. We’re on day two and both girls ask me to bring them down from the window to see if they’ve started growing yet.


6 thoughts on “Growing Strawberries

  1. We love to garden. In fact, we love it so much we renamed our house the Farm. But we are not farmers. Our philosophy is plant it and good luck. It's worked for some things better than others like the tomatoes and fig tree. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have…The best part of gardening is our daughter gets to reap the reward of digging in dirt, eating straight off the vine, learning while she plays, and finding worms (not my favorite part, but it's all the rage right now on the Farm). So cool. You go, girl, with those strawberries! They will be fabulous when they are ready to be picked and eaten by little fingers. You may even get one or two.

  2. My goal this spring is to start a garden, too. Which will be an extra challenge since I have no skills when it comes to planting – even the house ferns wither when I look at them. Strawberries are on my agenda, too. 🙂

  3. Hi!It's nice to find another unschooling family who aren't expert gardeners. I sometimes feel we are the only unschooling family that doesn't grow their own food. I'll be eager to see if your strawberries turn out. If they do, maybe we'll try it.We've tried growing a few things. We rarely have any success. Our best was green beans in the backyard. But we got like one or two beans out of the whole thing.

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