my first crochet project

Last week my mom started teaching me how to crochet. I had no problem getting the chain stitch down, but I was having trouble with the single crochet stitch. I pulled up several videos on youtube and settled on this one.  It was so easy to follow, and really helped me get the stitch down.

I picked up a couple skeins of yarn while I was out grocery shopping yesterday. Isn’t it so pretty! Mostly red, a hint of pink and white. I love it. The needle belonged to my grandma. My mom has several of her needles and she gave some to me.

The girls were playing with my brother and Samuel was asleep so I took the opportunity to practice.
I was supposed to crochet a square, or washcloth, whatever you prefer to call it. I noticed it started to look more circular so I kept going with it.

I stopped here because Samuel woke up.

I picked it back up later in the evening. I’m not really sure what it’s going to be now, or how big I’ll make it. One of my friends suggested making a bag out of it when I’m done.

It’s not the prettiest, most uniform crocheted piece. I’ve skipped over holes, it’s too tight in some places and really loose in others. I’m so proud of myself for learning something new though.
I feel accomplished!

I have a ton of ideas for things I would like to make. In the future I would like to make stuffed animals, play food, blankets, mittens and anything else I can crochet.
Practice makes perfect right?

Are you learning anything new?


8 thoughts on “my first crochet project

  1. I'm almost finished with it. I think it's going to be a hat. I ran out of yarn, but have pics of what it looks like now coming soon :)It feels so natural to me. I'm surprised, but having so much fun with it.

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