A Winter-ish Walk

 I am soooo looking forward to warmer weather and longer hours in the day. I need sunlight. I miss walking around and hanging out outside until 8-9pm and it’s still warm and the sun is still out.

Soon, I keep telling myself….

Why not walk around the neighborhood? It was a beautiful day for a walk. My mom and brother came along with us.

We opted to walk the way of the open field so the girls could run.

Samuel loves being outside. He seems to be fascinated by the trees and birds. He’s always watching the birds fly around. I talk to him and tell him what things are. I often wonder what he’s thinking.
He is so freakin’ cute! I love this boy.

Kiah and Ava stopped along the way to collect rocks, leaves, and sticks.

 Days like this really make me miss the warmer weather. I need to live in a tropical place where it’s always warm and the sun shines the majority of the time.
But I’m not there, and don’t know if I ever will be, so I make the most of what I have right here in VA Beach. At least we’re not up in Minnesota where it’s below freezing and there’s tons of snow on the ground. Been there done that!

Nakiah is the hardest child to photograph. She’s always moving so fast! I try to sneak up on her, but she always sees me. I try to walk in front of her and get pictures, but then she starts jumping and skipping around.
Maybe she doesn’t care for having her picture taken all that much?

Whenever we walk past this tree the girls just have to stop and try to grab the berries as they call them.
It is a pretty tree.

I love this picture. It looks like they are walking into something wonderful, don’t ya think?
Then I saw the trash on the ground….oh well. It’s still a really nice picture.

We get back to the house and Ava is walking really slowly behind me, and she has one hand behind her back.
She brought home a treasure. Apparently she had several but kept squeezing them to see what was inside.
This one was saved to come in the house with the rest of nature we collected on our walk.

I’m still trying to figure out what all this camera can do. It has so many settings. Honestly, I use the smart setting all the time. I can’t remember how to get to the setting for moving child, landscape, superfine, and any other setting I might like to use. I keep it on auto. I’ll branch out to the other settings over time I’m sure.
For now the smart setting is very smart.


7 thoughts on “A Winter-ish Walk

  1. Janis, Thank you!Rebekah, my girls are fascinated by bugs as well. I've done much better about it the past couple of years. I can't stand bugs, but they like them.I enjoy our walks, and it was nice to have my mom and brother there to enjoy everything we see.

  2. Darcel~ your children are so beautiful. I love Samuel's expression as he looks so thoughtful about something. Wonderful idea to walk the neighborhood. We did all the time when my girls were little. Especially puddle walks which are fabulous on warm rainy days. (I highly recommend come summer!)Blessings to you and your precious family.

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