>over the weekend

>I’ve been a busy bee this week. We all had this sinus bug that was going around. It was pretty rough for a few days. Hopefully this is the last round of the sickies for a while in this house.

I’m still working on crochet projects. I need more yarn to finish this one. I suppose it can be a hat. That’s how Ava is wearing it.

Oh, fair warning, this post is picture heavy.

This one is totally finished. A cute little purse. I haven’t shown it to the girls yet because I’m working on the other one right now.
This was made from a blanket that my mom isn’t using anymore. I’m really surprised by how much fun I’m having crocheting. It feels so natural to me, like it’s something I should have always been doing. It’s so relaxing. When I have down time I find myself crocheting. I want to learn several more stitches before I try a pattern.

I braided the girls hair on Thursday. I was still feeling under the weather, but it needed to be done. I haven’t been able to braid their hair since Samuel was born. I knew he needed to be older before I even attempted to braid their hair. It ended up being a two day process. Day one I had to comb it out and moisturize their scalp to prep it for braiding. Day two all I had to do was part it, comb through and braid.

On Saturday the sun finally came out for the entire day! I was so excited. Being sick and looking out the window to dark skies was really starting to make me depressed.
After I took Charles to work we headed to one of our favorite parks. My mom and dad came with us.
They built a new kids area, and I promised the girls on the next nice day we would go check it out.
Many others had the same idea.

 From the other parents I kept hearing “where did she go?” “I thought he was with you.” “Found them over here!” It was quite crowded and chilly. 50 degrees and super windy.
The girls got right down to business….

I heard lots of people making comments about the way I was wearing Samuel. Some stopped to ask me about my wrap, or tell me their friend or sister used the Moby. I love hearing that.

I wore a light jacket since Samuel generates so much heat. It’s been a while since I used my Hopp. I forgot how uber supportive she is. Rock solid. He felt weightless. So comfy for both of us. I was able to nurse hands free later in the day while we walked around the hills of the park.
Babywearing is wear it’s at. I’m just sayin’

 I’m so glad they made an addition to the wooden park that’s right next door. Both of the girls were free to run and play at this one. Ava is a little skeptical of the wooden park. I can see why. As a little kid you can easily get lost in there.
They maneuvered this park like pros.

Have I mentioned recently how much I loooooove my new camera? I have yet to really play with the other settings, but I love the outdoor shots it takes.

We decided to take a break from the playground to climb the hill and check out the view from up there.
We walked while the girls ran. I was so out of breath by the time I reached the top. Note to self: it’s time to start a regular exercise routine.

The girls ran up and down the hill, rolled down it, and ran all across the top of it. I love to watch them play out in the open like this. It always takes me back to a time in my childhood where we were running through fields, sledding down hills, or rolling down them.

Such a beautiful view.

 We decided to take the long way around to walk back to the wooden park. Kiah calls it the brown park.
That girl has so much energy!

I love this picture. It looks so rustic. Looking at it you would think we were the only people on this path.
You know what’s amazing to me? Here we are living this radical unschooling lifestyle that also feels very natural to me, but I don’t think of it that way so much anymore. I don’t worry about”screen time” and math, spelling, etc…
It all happens day after day, night after night. Our life isn’t divided into subjects. We’re learning from living everyday. Doesn’t matter if we’re at home or at the park. I wonder sometimes how we look or come across to those who don’t know us well, or understand it.

The brown park still rocks.

I often remind myself to take a step back and watch sometimes. I really do like what I see in our life. I’m a happy and blessed woman. All of this right here is what life is about.
My husband works really hard so that we can live the life that we do.

Back to the new Kids Cove before heading home.
We know the alphabet in sign language. The girls asked me to show them a while ago. We still work on it from time to time.

Today I’m working on the 2nd purse for the girls. Dinner is in the crockpot….we’re having BBQ ribs, homemade mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. It smells delicious!  Sunday dinner has always been one of my favorite things about Sunday’s. I really enjoy cooking for my family.

We’ve already played with our alphabet flashcards, checked out some books, did a few drawings, and played in the sandbox.

I wonder what the rest of the day will bring.

4 thoughts on “>over the weekend

  1. >Darcel, These are great photos! I love family pics like this. That park looks amazing and I cannot believe how big Samuel is getting. Sound like you had a fun weekend. Have a great week!

  2. >Darcel~Beautiful post. I love the purse, your girls will be tickled!Braiding… when I worked at the Indiana Deaf School I was a House Parent and often participated in help caring for hair. (Thankfully my College Roomies taught me much about African American haircare!) I know people have no idea how much is involved. When I had my own daughters, with their Hispanic/Caucasian hair, it was a breeze! I was always french braiding their hair. Keeping it out of their face.Your photos are wonderful! What kind of camera are you using? The pictures are great & you have a good eye with angles & shadows :)Your precious family is very photogenic. I love the shot of you & Samuel close up. That is frame-worthy!Wwll, you have made me hungry speaking of dinner, so I better get cooking myself!Have a Blessed week~

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