We went to Animal Jungle a few weeks ago. When we move and get settled, we would like to get the girls a pet. We’re thinking rats. I’ve been reading up on them, and the two we held were so playful.

The bird section is one of our favorites. I love how you can go into the rooms and hang out with the bigger birds. They are so pretty and colorful.


5 thoughts on “Birds

  1. I have no desire to have a bird as a pet. Charles doesn't want two different small animals in the house. Two different foods,etc… I keep telling him it's no different than having a dog and cat!

  2. Hi Darcel,The rats are probably more affectionate. (And clean). When I sold homes as a Realtor, I had a few clients that had problem birds. A nervous Parrot that pulled all his feathers out. And also a couple families that had very messy birds, that managed to get their bird poop on the walls, and kicked stuff out of the cage. Although, I remember as a child having the sweetest parakeet named "Bird", And years later when my Grandmother lived with us a very sweet singing canary named "Sunshine".Look forward to "meet" your new family member. 🙂

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