the goings on

I haven’t been around much for good reason the past few days. Charles has been in the hospital with pneumonia. He may not get released until Wednesday. He’s doing much better now than he was a few days ago. I’m able to leave Samuel for a couple of hours now, so I hang out with him at the hospital whenever I can, usually in the evenings. We talk on the phone throughout the day. He misses us and we miss him being here.
Prayers and good thoughts are very much appreciated.

Kiah made this for Charles before I went to see him the other night. This is the first thing she has ever written out like this. She used flashcards to trace with her finger the letters she was unsure of. She told Charles she wants to learn how to read.

Samuel is cutting teeth again. This time at the top. It’s hard to believe he’s going to be 9 months old this month.
As for the move, it’s not happening. We decided it would be best to stay where we are.I’m actually a bit relieved. Now we need to unpack my mom and brothers boxes, make as much room as possible here.
The pros are that we can still save money, we still have a nice outdoor space, and we don’t have to move right now! At some point our family of five will move out like we had originally planned. The cons, there are 8 people in this house, I suppose that’s not exactly terrible, but still…

That’s the update on my wild life. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.


Love Notes

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