>Three ER Visits In Four Days

>It all started last Wednesday. Kiah was complaining of her throat hurting, then she started with a cough later that night.We decided to keep the girls her home from co-op Thursday night.
Friday morning we ended up taking her to the ER because she was working really hard to breathe, and she had a fever.
We decided to have Ava looked at while we were there/ She had started coughing and it was getting worse. They ended up giving both girls a breathing treatment and send us home with a prescription for steroids.
The Dr. told us to hold Ava’s because they didn’t think she really needed it.

At home the girls seemed to be doing well….until around 4:30am. Ava woke up with that dry barking cough.
She had a treatment at 4:30am/6:30am/8:30am. The last treatment didn’t seem to help her at all, so back to the ER we went. Ava was admitted because she couldn’t go longer than 1hr w/out needing another treatment.
Now I know how my mom and dad felt. I was always in and out of the hospital for my asthma.
Charles and I know exactly how the girls feel when they are having an attack, because we’ve been there.
When it’s a really bad one, breathing in hurts, you can’t sit still, and your literally gasping for air. An attack can come on in a matter of minutes. It can be very scary.

When Charles got off work he came to the hospital to stay the night with Ava. My daughters are so stinkin’ cute. Whenever I called home to check on Kiah, she always asked to talk to Ava. Kiah wanted to make sure her sister was ok, and Ava missed Kiah so much.
I came home around 9:30pm and by 10:30 Samuel started with the barking cough. I called Charles around 11:30 to let him know that I was headed back to the ER with Samuel. He was working so hard to breathe. He was also really congested. I couldn’t seem to suction him enough.
Turns out he has RSV. They did a deep suction on him, which he did not like at all. Then they gave him a breathing treatment. He sounds much better now. He’s still has his fussy moments, but we’re so glad he didn’t need to be admitted.

We are all back home now. Ava has a ton of medicine for the next month, and we are going to take her to get an allergy test. I need to know exactly what her triggers are. They seem to be all over the place lately.
Kiah’s triggers are colds, but her asthma doesn’t seem to be as bad as Ava’s. I had been using Rosemary oil, and it works wonders when they have a cough, but didn’t do so well for the major asthma attacks. A friend just told me about Nasya oil, so I’m going to get some of that. I’m also going to do more wet dusting, and look into special bedding to cut down on allergens. I already switched to Vinegar for cleaning.

Why am I blogging? Well the girls are playing with Samuel right now, so I have a minimal amount of  alone time. I’m also avoiding the massive amount of laundry I need to catch up on. For the next little bit I am going to be immersed in nasal spray, breathing treatments, snot, laundry, and who knows what else.
I think we’re going to be homebound this week.

Hopefully we don’t have to go through this again anytime soon.
If you all have any more tips, please feel free to share them with me.

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10 thoughts on “>Three ER Visits In Four Days

  1. >Hugs to you all. I had asthma as a kid. Those late night hospital visits were rarely fun for anyone. My triggers were environmental and food allergens, and anything that left me out of breath like fast running or hard laughing.

  2. >I just started reading your blog recently and then suddenly there's all this. I'm so sorry. That sounds scary. By all means, ignore the laundry all you need. I hope everyone is well very very soon.

  3. >Hugs to you all. I had asthma as a kid. Those late night hospital visits were rarely fun for anyone. My triggers were environmental and food allergens, and anything that left me out of breath like fast running or hard laughing.

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