>life is back to normal

>Thank you all so much for your prayers and positive thoughts for our family. I received lots of great tips and information on asthma and allergies. Again, thank you so much! You would think since my husband and I both grew up with asthma that we would know a bit more about asthma and allergies than we do. I’m grateful for such great friends who can point out things I may have missed, or didn’t know anything about at all. I think we’ve done pretty well though. No one had been admitted to the hospital since 2008.
I’m confident that we will figure out their triggers and be able to better prevent future asthma attacks.

The kids are all doing much better. They all still have a lingering cough, but that’s too be expected.
Samuel is still clogged up, but not near as bad as he was yesterday or the day before. Everyone is sleeping better at night, and that means I’m sleeping better. I’m still keeping everyone home this week. I don’t want to risk getting anyone else sick, or risk the kids catching another cold just as they are shaking this one. I’m pretty sure we’ll be out and about again next week. I’m still feeling a bit run down from the last several days. Trying to motivate myself to get this place in order. As orderly as it can look right now anyway.

There is plenty to do here at home to keep everyone busy. For example….

I don’t think our strawberries are going to come up. Kiah planted marigolds a couple of weeks ago at co-op. Hopefully they will come up. When they reach the top of the container we need to transfer them to a bigger pot.

I’m still crocheting away on the spring blankets. I think it’s going to take one more skein for me to finish each one. I’m on my 2nd skein right now. I’m very excited to see the finished product.
Looks like I will finish them by the end of this month.

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7 thoughts on “>life is back to normal

  1. >Poor kiddos! I just learned of this super awesome home remedy for sour throats/cough last night from a naturopath at a natural mamas workshop (for big kids and adults). You put several cloves of crushed, fresh organic garlic in a baby food jar, cover them with high-grade honey then fill the jar with organic apple-cider vinegar (shake the jar well before pouring). Leave it fridge for 1 week for it to become potent/medicinal. It tastes like garlic vingerette so you can put on the girls' salads if you like. otherwise they can take a teaspoon several times a day as well as eat the garlic bits for additional relief. Be well!

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