I’ve Got Fluffy Mail!

 Over the past two weeks I had been thinking about what I could sell to get Samuel more cloth diapers. Some of my fitteds are getting really worn out. They were used when I got them back in 2008, so you can imagine what they might look like now.
I have a ton of prefolds, but haven’t felt like chasing him all over the place while I try to get them on him and in place with the snappi. Plus I want to dye my prefolds so I’ll be enticed to use them more often.

Last week a dear friend from Ohio asked me if we were still cloth diapering. She wanted to know if I could use her sons old diapers. I of course said yes, and told her what a blessing this was.
Ava and her son were born two days apart. We met at a Birthworks class and both had our first homebirths.
I miss her and her family quite a bit.

The package arrived yesterday morning. I already feel a tie to these diapers. They are in excellent condition and I will probably keep them forever, you know for sentimental reasons. I was expecting a few diapers, but she sent eight diapers, two trainers, and a ton of inserts and doublers. Wouldn’t you know they are one of my favorite diapers….Blueberry Minky! I passed on washing a load of clothes to get these washed and on Samuel as quick as possible.
I love that they are all side snapping. Baby boy is into pulling the velcro diapers off lately.

 They are as delicious as they look. Of course I have action shots. A gratuitous nursing picture first.

Blueberry and Swaddlebees are having a clearance sale. Hop on over for some great prices on awesomely cute diapers. I am not receiving any compensation for mentioning the sale. I’m on their email list and wanted to pass the goodness on to my readers.

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