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> I’m having a pretty crappy day. Hate it when my days start off this way. I tried to turn it around, but you know how one thing happens after another? That is what happened to me today. Once I would calm down from one disaster, another would take it’s place.

Just when I felt like retreating to the bathroom to have a good cry, I heard the girls playing blocks and talking about the patterns they made. They were laughing because Samuel kept knocking their towers down. I’m glad they think it’s funny right now….they may not feel that way the next time.

Here are the links to blogs I’ve read this week that have made me smile.

Bino and Fino is a new African themed cartoon. It is very cute and clever.  They have listed several African based parenting blogs on their site. You can also check out the first episode from their website.
My girls loved watching the cartoon. We joked about how Ava’s afro puffs were as big as the girls from Bino and Fino.

Marilyn at The ArtsyGirl Conncection is one of my new favorite blogs. I love reading about women of color who are also living a natural, simple lifestyle. She has amazing tutorials on all of the artsy crafts she makes.
Her creations are elegant, yet simple. Stop over and pay her a visit, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Shape of A Mother will be opening their doors to a new sister site in the coming weeks. I love this website. They feature real women talking about their bodies. There are pictures, stories, encouragement and support at this wonderful community. I’m excited to see what their sister space will do for women.

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3 thoughts on “>Link Love

  1. >Love Love this post.. You simply R O C K & then some.. Thanks SO much for sending me the love.. Really hope you are feeling much brighter and up to some creative simple and awesomely rocking artsy activitiy.. Sending you much love ;))) **Hugs**

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