Sunday Surf: From Carseats to Sweet Things

 I really enjoy sharing with you all of the articles that I’ve read during the week.  I feel like it gives you another glimpse into my mind.

First up is the New Carseat Recommendations from the AAP. Children should ride rear-facing until age 2, and in a booster until age 8.
I turned Kiah way too early. It was right around her first birthday. Ava stayed forward facing until she was about 2.3yrs old. Samuel will stay rear-facing as long as possible.
What do you think of these new guidelines? How long did you leave your child(ren) rear-facing?

Check out this very thourough blog post about preparing an older sibling for a new birth from Hobo Mama over at PhD in Parenting. It’s packed with a wide variety of books to read with your children about welcoming a new baby into the family. Ideas on a birth plan for your other children in case they do not wish to attend the birth. Go. Read. Share.

Also this sweet post from Small Things  about The Wilson Oak.

This article on Patch about how breastfeeding is leaving this mom tired and she’s tired of it. Her son is 4 months old. I remember that 4 month mark well. Growth spurts, possible teething, they are changing so much and they nurse constantly.

 A great post on Breastfeeding in Ghana from Silent, yet Leading

This post from Fabulous Mama Chronicles on Evaluating Children’s Toys.

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Surf: From Carseats to Sweet Things

  1. I was looking forward to turning M around. She is getting so bored staring at the backseat and wants to see what we are doing up front. I guess it's only 5 more months. The new booster seat guideline is fine. I don't think I reached 4'9 when I was 8 though. I'm a shorty

  2. I think they are lengthening the limits to keep kids as safe as possible in the carseats. I see so many of my friends who have children too small for a booster, but their kid is riding in one. You can go to a fire station and they will check to make sure your seat is installed properly.I'm keeping mine in a 5-point harness for as long as possible.

  3. I hope this isn't controversial- but how about instead of lengthening the car seat limits, we teach people to install them properly or make them more user friendly? Just a thought. (oh and of course make sure every child is in one!)

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