Wordless Wednesday: Co-sleeping

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Co-sleeping

  1. They do look like we posed them. I took that picture because we were amazed at how they were laying so much alike :)I also LOVE sleeping baby pictures. They are so precious.

  2. truly precious!thank you for your kind comments. i did read what camera you use. amazing the quality! you'd think it was a $1000 camera. with going through so many old photographs i have, particularly from 60's & 70's era, the quality is so poor.i posted about the margarita glass because of your encouragement 🙂 even at 20 & 22 i love crafting with my girls! being in sororities keep them busy with crafty projects! emily has used a lot of our old project ideals with her kids with student teaching. so sad that so many parents get "too" busy to craft with their children. it's these little things that will teach them creativity and cooperation.i love that you stay so on top & make a fun project out of little. i was just like that! we also took pleasure in simple things like puddle walks after a spring rain♥

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