a refreshing day

It was in the upper 80’s today. The pollen is out in full force already. The car was covered in pollen when we left this afternoon. I thought of taking the kids to the beach, but then decided not to. I don’t think I’m ready to take all three kids to the beach alone. Maybe I’ll do it after I’ve been with Charles a few times.

Instead we met with some friends at one of our favorite parks, Mt. Trashmore. It was such a beautiful day! I’m glad there was a nice breeze coming through the entire time we were out.
I didn’t break out my camera one time, can you believe that? I was too busy either chatting it up with my friend, pushing Ava on the swing, making sure Samuel wasn’t eating the woodchips, or making sure the kids were ok while they played.

I do have pictures of home though…

Samuel has been standing unassisted now for a couple of weeks. Of course when I go to take a picture of him standing there, he flops down and crawls over to me. He’s also babbling up a storm, and he says mama…swoon… It’s so bittersweet. My baby will be one next month, and my other baby will be four, and my other baby will be seven at the end of this year. Where is that clock that stops time?

Don’t you love Samuel’s afro puffs?

Ava was having trouble with her ride on toy. I think one of the screws were loose. She waited patiently with Nakiah while PeePaw took a look at it to see if he could fix it.
I’m sure your tired of me gushing about how close these two are, but I can’t help it. I love how close they are, and I pray they stay close as they get older.

Kiah said she was being pretty like me by wearing her earrings. Too cute!

Daddy’s home!

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4 thoughts on “a refreshing day

  1. How sweet! I'm so glad you guys had a nice day where you could get out and enjoy it.As for the girls staying close, my kids are 17, 15, 15 and 14 and they still pile up on the sofa or the bed and watch movies together and play video games. They also text each other and talk on Facebook. Your kids will love each other and stick by each other as long as you encourage them.

  2. 'I'm sure your tired of me gushing about how close these two are, but I can't help it. I love how close they are, and I pray they stay close as they get older.'Not at all. When Warrior Princess 2 was born, Warrior Princess 1 was in the room (17 months old). She adored her sister from that very moment. They are amazingly close, and like you, I pray the same.

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