>making a wish for warm weather to stay


I have a ton of pictures from our park trip the other day. I had a hard time choosing which ones to use for my post today.

The sun was in and out all day, and so were we! Flower picking as soon as we got out the door.

I really need to give this wrap back to my friend. I have found the shorty love because of this wrap.
I have two that I’m looking at. The Elleville and Vatanai. They are all so pretty. I’m having trouble deciding. I want a shorter, thinner, but still supportive  wrap for the summer.

The girls picked flowers and had me put them in their hair. She really was happy about it, I promise.

After walking down a ways and picking up sticks, rocks, and more flowers, we came to this tree.  At first we were looking at how pretty it was, then we heard the bird. I tried to get a clear shot, but these were the best out of the ones I took.

That’s another thing I love about the seasons changing, I love hearing the birds singing. Virginia has a very nice variety of birds. We have a orange colored one that hangs out in the bushes in the front yard. I’m hoping to get a picture or two of her. She is so pretty.

Making a wish…

Nakiah cracks me up. She says mommy take a picture of the rock on my shoulder. Ok…

After taking our time walking around the neighborhood, we finally make it to the park. It’s nothing special to me. In fact I wish the association would clean it up. The kids enjoy it though, and it’s nice to have a park within walking distance so I shouldn’t complain.

It was all good until he started throwing the “sand” all over the place.

Look mommy, I’m being a Jungle Girl.

I finally got a couple of pictures of Samuel standing up. My baby is going to be a toddler soon. I don’t even  want to think about it. I’m loving each new stage with him though.

More playing and exploring!

The girls made a face. Complete with a hat on top. Pretty creative, huh?

Samuel did more exploring.

He even made time for a quick picture with mama. Have I mentioned that pink is one of my favorite colors? I wear it…a lot.

My little lady explorers. They said they were digging up worms for the birds to catch.

A few quiet moments before we start to walk back home.

And on the way home we stopped to admire the beauty of a bare tree.

 …pretty pink flowers…

We’re waiting for these to bloom in our front yard. They are really pretty white flowers. I wish they weren’t right outside our front door. The bees like these flowers a bit more than we do.

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6 thoughts on “>making a wish for warm weather to stay

  1. >You should hear the oooos and awwwws on this end…Samuel has some admirers (my Warrior Princesses). Heehee. My favorite picture is of Samuel with his back turned (look at those legs-yum yum yum). Our princesses have the same taste in clothes. 😉 Beautiful…..just beautiful. When I was their age, I also loved to dig for worms;at that age and even now, my daughters love picking flowers, etc, and drawing in their nature books. Special times.

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