>Hunt Club Farm: a mostly picture post

>I’ve wanted to take the kids to Hunt Club Farm since last year.
I had heard good things about their petting farm. It was a last minute decision to go, but the girls were so excited when I told them we were going to see farm animals, and that we could feed them.

I was a little worried about being at a place that is so interactive with the three kids by myself, but it was a great trip. It wasn’t crowded which was a plus, and made it that much easier on me. We all had a really good time.

*Warning: This post is full of adorably cute pictures. Continue at your own risk*

The goats were our favorite part. We went back to see them at least three times.

The goats were sooo cute! Nakiah and Ava weren’t scared of them at all. Samuel kept trying so hard to get down, he had no fear either.

Nakiah said mommy, what is that brown stuff falling out of the goat?  The face she made was hilarious when I told her it was poo.

The ducks were next. Ava said they looked like pretend ducks. The girls didn’t want to spend much time with the ducks since we couldn’t go in and touch them.

The peacocks roam free here as well. Their feathers are so beautiful. We found out that the males shed their fathers every summer, around July. It’s mating season for the peacocks and they were making lots of noise. Every now and then Samuel started hollering back at them, and the rooster.

Then it was time for pony rides. This was their second favorite part of the trip.
I was really impressed and shocked that both of the girls got right up there with no problem. We talked about it on our way in, and they were excited but I thought for sure they might back out once it came time. And they got to ride on the big pony, not the baby. They were proud big girls.

After the ponies it was on to the chickens and turkeys.These guys are HUGE.

Ava wanted to know if we could get blue eggs from the chickens since we can get white or brown eggs.

Sometimes I can picture us living on a ton of land with chickens, goats, cats, dogs, and rabbits.

Nakiah called for me….she wanted me to see the big family of chickens.

This was their favorite chicken. She was named the fluffy chicken.

We can’t forget the pigs! They were quite cute too. Nakiah pointed out that the pigs were living in houses like the ones in the story. A house made of sticks, straw, and bricks.

After we left the pigs, we ran back to check out the Llamas. Ava says they kinda look like camels.

Last were the donkeys. They were such a friendly, cute bunch. I love their ears. I think they thought my camera was food.

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2 thoughts on “>Hunt Club Farm: a mostly picture post

  1. >How adorable!!! Steph would love to go there. I thats gonna be in our future trip plans when spring break is over for everyone else.

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