Sunday Surf: A Week of Goodness

 I have to say, this has been a really great week. No sick kids for a couple of weeks makes for a very happy mama. Lots of time spent outdoors enjoying the warmer weather.
Lots of singing, dancing, writing, playing, laughing, sharing, cooking, and getting right down in the thick of it. That warms my soul.

Lets get started with the links…

Tuesday was the April Carnival of Natural Parenting. There were so many great posts. I’m still reading through them.
Some of my favorites.

This post from Instead of Institutions: A Journey to Compassion and Connection. This is a beautiful, thoughtful post. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about something, but if your a jerk when your trying to spread the word, no one will listen to anything you have to say.

Also this wonderful post from Dreaming Aloud: Speaking for birth. Really, it’s beautiful. I know I keep using that word, but it is. If your passionate about natural birth you’ll enjoy this post, I promise.

Elita from Blacktating shared a video of  Erykah Badu breastfeeding her daughter in a music video. I love this! It’s so natural and not in your face.

This post from Radical Doula : Interview with Ina May Gaskin about women of color and birth.
Reading this post stirred something in me again. It made me want to advocate for women of color and birth options even more. I had many emotions while reading this, happiness for the interview, anger for the way women of color, and low income families are treated. It’s a really great interview, you won’t be disappointed.

Up, Down & Natural is hosting a blog carnival for National Infertility Awareness Week.
I have friends who have been touched by infertility, and think this carnival is a wonderful idea. Infertility has many faces. This carnival will serve as a space to educate and share experiences.

My friend Dee sent me a couple of links to other blogs by women of color. I am loving this one called Spelhouselove. Their family is adorable, her pictures are to die for. Go check them out.

 I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

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