>Thursday Talk: Deschooling


Remember last week when I talked about what our days unschooling may look like? Well, this week I’m talking about deschooling.
For me it’s been pretty easy to deschool. No thinking in school thoughts like grades, and subjects. Not a problem for me. If we’re talking about dinosaurs and one of the girls brings up how the triceratops has three horns and then they go into naming other animals with horns and how many, I am not going to stop them and tell them it’s not time for math right now.

If your kids have never been to school then they won’t need to deschool, but the parents will.
Learning is not something done between the hours of 8am and 3pm. I learn in many ways about many things.
I learned how to create a blog, I learned basic html on my own. EverythingI know about pregnancy and birth is self taught. I attended a child birth class while I was pregnant because I wanted to know more.
I follow my own interest and they are leading me down paths that I never would’ve imagined. It’s a really great feeling.
It’s impossible to separate learning from life. We learn through living.

No pushing school work on the kids because you want them to keep up with the kids at school.
I am not concerned with what the kids at school are learning, or being told they need to learn. I know that my girls know things that other kids don’t know, and kids know things they don’t know.
I do know they are learning all the time. In everything we do, every place we go there is something to learn.

For me deschooling is an ongoing process. I’m constantly questioning everything I learned or was told I needed to learn growing up. My thought process if different now than it was only two years ago.

People want to know how long does it take to deschool? I think it depends on how long the child was in school.
I can’t speak on exactly how to deschool, but I have a few ideas. Plan a vacation or a staycation. Make a list of all the places you want to go for the year, and all the things you want to do and then go do those things.
Maybe make a monthly list and what doesn’t get done that month can roll over to the next month.
Find all of the interesting museums, parks, farms, etc that your city has to offer and explore like you’re a tourist.
Have a movie and popcorn day, or a craft week. Be creative, think outside the box.

How long did it take you to deschool? Do you have any tips for deschooling?

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