Makeup by Lady Rae

This is my sister in law Rae. She has recently  discovered her love for makeup. When we went to visit last weekend she gave her sister and me a little pampering. I saw that she was working on her sisters face and asked to be next. It’s been so long since I had my makeup done. I don’t wear much anymore. My staples are mascara, lipgloss and blush.

I was drooling over this array of colors. This is just a taste of what’s to come. I have got to get one of these. Not that I have time to do full makeup anymore, but I do love playing with color on those rare occasions for Mom’s Night Out, or  a date with Charles.

While she was inside doing her sisters face, I ran outside to snap some pictures of the kids playing.

The two youngest cousins hanging out together. They are three months apart.

See what she did with her sister? Lovely use of color. And a nice photo if I do say so myself.

 Then it was my turn! She has a lot of makeup. I told her to pick the colors and do whatever she wanted. I knew she wouldn’t have me looking crazy.

I thought I was cute already…I can’t wait to get contacts again. I really don’t like having to wear my classes all the time.

Angie was really feeling the camera…that’s ok, we let her have her moment.

Rae says they call her Lady Rae at work, so I told her to call her business Makeup by Lady Rae. So if your in Southeast Virginia and need your makeup done for prom, , a wedding, or another special occasion let me know and I’ll put you in contact with her.

I also told her she should start a blog, make a facebook page and a youtube page with how to tips, and all that makeup goodness. Great idea, right? I can totally see her doing this as a long term career. You know I’m all about following your passion.

So what have you done to pamper yourself lately? Do you wear makeup, why or why not? What are your top three makeup must haves?

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7 thoughts on “Makeup by Lady Rae

  1. Awww–beautiful ladies.. LOVE it!! I wear the same staples as you Darcel, blush, lip gloss, mascara and sometimes lashes to fancy up more.. I do give myself facials once a week (lemon juice, honey and brown sugar) and for a treat I give myself pedicures once a month.. ;)) LOVE IT — HAPPY EASTER!!

  2. Looks like y'all had a lot of fun! And, yes, Ms. Lady Rae has a load of colors, I would love to have my face done by a professional (it has been forever). Definitely have her create a blog and the full 9 with tips and tricks.

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