at the beach

I really love the beach. It was a last minute decision to go yesterday.  I’m so glad we went. It was just what I needed to relax. If you are one of my good friends that I talk to ( I only have a few) are on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, or have read my previous blog post, you know I’ve been stressed lately. Yesterday when we arrived at the beach I was finally able to let all of that go.

The temperature was 90 and gorgeous. The girls went right for the water.

We took Samuel to the beach last summer when he was only a few months old. He is still too young to remember, but I’m glad we have the memories captured on film.

He wasn’t afraid of the water at all. He crawled right into it and splashed around. He was loving it!

Then it was back to the sand to play. Oh how I want to live either right on the beach, or within walking distance. I would be there several times a week, if not every day. Seriously.

I didn’t even think about bringing something to carry our shells  back home in. I had to use a plastic bag. I know, shame on me. I’ll do better next time.
We gathered a ton of shells. The girls can’t wait to paint them.

The girls were digging a hole and watching it fill up with water whenever the waves came. Samuel had other plans for the hole…he wanted to climb down to sit in it.
I was able to distract him for a few minutes, but he did exactly what he wanted to in the end.

Nakiah is getting SO SO BIG. It seems like she’s growing several inches everyday.

Playing with the Easter present from Mamaw. Ava got a cute little set of golf clubs, and Samuel got a lawnmower push toy.
We had the golf clubs with us too, but they didn’t get played with. I meant to bring the frisbee along….next time.

Ava is getting really big too. She is going to be 4 next month. I keep mentioning it in hopes that I’ll accept that the kids are growing up.

I’m so glad Samuel has come into our lives. Baby’s have a way of bringing so much joy into your life, don’t they? My sweet baby boy.

Ava made us a sand cake with shell candles. She made sure to pick only the ones that would stand up in the sand.
These kids love the beach just as much as I do.
 Now that the weather is warming up I’m sure they will ask to wear body suits every single day.

Nakiah asked me to find shells with her. We slowly moved up the beach collecting different kinds of shells and rocks to bring home to paint. I’m going to save some to place in a jar for decoration.

We found a crab skin, or would that be skeleton?

And this funky looking shell

Paw prints and human prints


And riding high

Yup, I need to live closer to the beach. Looking at these pictures makes me feel peaceful.
Where is your favorite place to go during the Spring/Summer?

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5 thoughts on “at the beach

  1. Oh Darcel, I love the photos of your family! Your daughters are beautiful and getting big and Samuel is so cute and also getting big. I know all too well what you mean about the beach. I grew up probably 15 minutes from the beach and my Mom would take my brother and I to the beach, early in the a.m. before all the tourists/summer people would arrive, which meant the beach was deserted. I also need beach visits. It's a way for me to let things go very much like yourself. Thanks for the photos they helped a little and will force me to make a trek to my happy place very soon.

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