>How Do You Use Social Media?

>  Wordless Wednesday will be back next week. I figured after my last post of our pictures from the beach we could use a break and do some talking.

What do you do when there is so much you want to do but not enough time? Make time! That’s what I’ve been doing, or trying to do. I recently became the Virginia Beach Early Childhood Examiner. I’ll probably write there 2-3 times a week. Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to do specific days, or as the mood strikes. My first post is nothing fancy. In the future I’m thinking of writing some “how to’s”, local events, parenting, etc.  I think I’m going to enjoy writing for Examiner. I also have my Community For Mother’s of Color, also titled The Mahogany Way on The Ning Network.

I’ve also recently, and when I say recently I mean within this last week, started a birth blog for women of color. I’m SUPER excited about it! I can talk birth day/night, and I’ve been smiling for days since I started it. The Mahogany Way Birth Cafe. There is also a Facebook page for the new blog.

It’s been well received and I’m so very happy about that. I have to say that I’m a bit nervous carving out my own spot in the birth world. I mentioned on Twitter during a #birthgenius chat that “I feel like I should be spouting birth knowledge every 30 minutes like some of these other pages”  I’m taking it slow. I have so many ideas and topics rolling around in my head. I keep a notepad with me to jot things down as they come. I’m going to launch a blogtalk radio show within the next month. I’m researching non profits.

I honestly don’t know how they do it.

Before I started these other ventures I started to manage my time better. I compose my posts either in the early morning or late at night. I usually use Twitter and Facebook via my phone. I can also answer emails and be connected to who or whatever at any given moment. I always said I didn’t want a smartphone because I didn’t need all that jazz that came with them, but now I’m so in love with mine. I use it more as a mini computer than I do a phone. Charles calls it the computer in my pocket.  I can keep in touch with my friends via text quickly. I also talk to Charles though the day via text. Easy, instant and seamless access to pictures and video.  I love using Twitter now. I think it’s the quick back and forth of the conversations. And believe it or not, there are times when I unplug. I don’t keep the phone with me, and I don’t use the computer. I love blogging/tweeting/facebooking but I also have a family to take care of, I have a life. Is Social Networking a part of my life? Yes, but for me it can become  addicting so quite often I unplug from one forum or another, or all of them for a period of time.

When I say addicting I don’t mean in a bad way. I mean I am beyond thrilled with all that I’m doing with my life right now. For the past four years I’ve thought and talked about wanting to become a homebirth midwife. I also wanted to have a natural parenting store. The list goes on. And I realize that I don’t have to do all of these things at the same time. I’m taking baby steps to get to where I want to be, and I’m enjoying the journey.  I’m comfortable where things are right now. If I didn’t absolutely love what I’m doing I could be extremely overwhelmed. Instead it’s not forced and I have this passion that’s driving me.
And still, that feeling is addicting isn’t it?

I’m doing what I love and loving what I do. The Mahogany Way is something for me. I created her, she’s all mine. I just love that.
I guess you can say I use social media to share my love, to educate, share my experiences, build friendships, and build a community that reaches from my backyard and around the world. I love being a part of that and I love having a piece of it.

What about you?

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