>Tuesday night I made last minute plans to take the kids to a local art museum. The rain moved our previous plans to another day.  I think there is a playdate scheduled later this week, but I couldn’t remember….I didn’t write it down.
I’ve been meaning to go since last Spring. Honestly, I kept forgetting about the place.  I always complain about how the rain makes me depressed. It was raining when we woke up but I was so excited to visit this museum with them that I didn’t care about the rain.

I knew a little of what to expect from checking out the website beforehand, but I had no idea this place was so massive. It’s wall to wall art of all kinds. The girls loved it.
When we first arrived the girls asked if we could see Curious George first. Of course!

I loved Curious George growing up. I remember reading so many of those books. Checking them out from the library over and over again.
It’s pretty surreal to see my girls so excited about  a character that I loved growing up, and now they watch.

The reading room was one of our favorite parts of this exhibit. Someday I’ll have a reading room like this.

Ava says this is her work dress because it has buttons down the front like Daddy’s work shirt.

Then it was time for a quick snack and stretching our legs.

Mommy is there a mummy in there?

We were doing a scavenger hunt. They each had six boxes on their paper and each exhibit, African, Egyptian, had a hint as to what we were looking for. When we found it the girls would draw as best they could the object.

We were in the Asian Gallery and the hint was I use my four hooves to gallop away.
Both girls spotted a horse and knew that must be it. They had so much fun searching for the items and drawing them. When they were done we took them back to the front for our surprise. Bookmarks, pencil and paper, and a postcard of the museum.

I was checking out another exhibit nearby when I heard this one is Mommy’s…

This one is Ava’s…

And this one is Kiah’s…

Then I came across this sculpture. It’s from a place in New Mexico.  I tried to find a babywearing one. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough.When I showed it to the girls they said Mommy that baby is having milk like Samuel.

I found out the have several children’s programs. Some of those programs had children and their families creating this beautiful art. Kiah said it looked like a puzzle.

This is fabulous. I would  love to hang something like this in my house.

After a while we strolled over to the glass exhibit. An interesting take on chess.

We made our way back upstairs because they wanted to see Curious George again Nakiah made a detour on the way and came across this projection.

Next we made our way through the mirror and photography exhibits.
This one had a small camera at the bottom and it was like sand art sketching on the screen.

We went from one exhibit to another for the next two hours.

On our way out we stopped to admire the fountain in the middle of the garden. Nakiah said she wishes we could have our backyard pretty like this. I told her I did too.

I’m so glad they enjoyed themselves.  I was a little worried that they may not like the museum, but they really loved it. They saw that art comes in many different forms, and different cultures craft their art in different ways. I think we’ll add this museum to our regular rotation.

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4 thoughts on “>Art

  1. >Love that museum! That moving sand exhibit is the coolest. That first puzzle of art by families? My kids have pieces on it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think we're going on the playdate b/c I really want to see the Curious George exhibit.

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