>Fresh Air Fund

> I first heard of the Fresh Air Fund, a non-profit about a year ago, but the organization was created in 1877. I love what this organization is doing for the children of NYC. The Fresh Air Fund provides FREE vacations for low-income New York City children. The vacations last for two weeks, and the children range in age from 6-18 years old. Where are they going? To your house if you choose to have them. You or someone you may know has the chance to change a child’s life forever.

I can imagine what a gift it is for both parties involved. We’re hoping to be able to host a child this Summer. I know the girls would love another girl to make friends with.
They are looking for host families in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Maine to name a few.

These vacations give the children a chance to get away from the inner city, and experience the beach, farm, picking berries, riding a bike, playing in the backyard, and many other things they wouldn’t get to experience in the city.

The Fresh Air Fund has several programs including Camping, Career Awareness, and Year Round Programs.
How can you help this organization? Donate, You can volunteer in your state to help spread the word, and recruit host families.

Should you choose to be a host family, you can decide on the gender of the child, the age range, and what window of time in the summer will work for you. This family invited their new friend back over Winter Break.

Still have questions about hosting a child? Check out this list of FAQ’s.
Want to help spread the word? Here is a link to several more videos/banners/badges to add to your website.
That link also has a map with the states where host families are needed, mainly on the East Coast and up into Canada.

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3 thoughts on “>Fresh Air Fund

  1. >very cool!I remember when I was in HS one of my buddies had a wonderful big house and always hosted 1-2 international students per year. Amy had several siblings (she was the second tho youngest) There were always fun & much to learn from students that lived with them.The Fresh Air fund seems a wonderful opportunity to share with children and have the experience of learning from them as well.When I was in my early 20's I was a Christian Youth leader. I had many kids that lived in less than desirable situations. One of my all time favorite memories is as the bus of my inter-city kids that had never even been outside of Indianapolis, reached the Colorado mountains… the bus got so quiet… the kids were in complete awe… seeing mountains in real life for the first time. It was marvelous! Suddenly these very tough kids were completely speechless and just amazed.

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