another park day

Where did Spring go? I think we only had a few days of Spring before Summer hit us like a Mack truck. It’s been in the upper 90’s all week, and the week before.
We love being outside in this warm weather. I love to watch the kids run and play, hearing the sound of laughter, it often takes me back to my childhood summer(s)

Notice that Nakiah is sporting jewelry… was a piece of a bracelet. I have no idea how she got that over her head, but she was proud to wear it all day long.

You can tell their sisters…look at those faces.

After resting on that bench they took to the playground. I’m sure the walk from the car tired them out in this heat. Or maybe they were surveying the area before they jumped in to play?

Samuel thinks he’s as big as they are. When he’s not off exploring on his own, he follows his sisters around. Most of the time they don’t mind. They love showing him off.

I LOVE this picture! Look at the joy on their faces. Kiah doesn’t look thrilled, but she was. I wish I had caught her smile in this picture.
This is one of those pictures I can look back on whenever I feel like I’m not doing enough for my kids.
 Note to self:
They really are happy, and I’m a good mom.

Of course they found a friend to play with. I was surprised that Ava climbed up there. She usually stays on the ground. I guess she’s becoming more adventurous now that she’s four.

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