>slowing down

>I’ve washed a load of clothes and put them out to dry. I thought of starting a second load, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, or maybe Friday.

I wanted to braid the girls hair today, but Samuel has other plans for me. He has finally fallen asleep in a front cross carry in one of my wraps. He was down for the count within five minutes of getting in the wrap. He doesn’t nurse to sleep as much anymore.

I’ve cleaned up the moonsand. While it doesn’t dry out like playdoh, it’s way messier, I think. Fine granulated purple sand all over the kitchen floor.

Since the boy child is finally asleep, and the girls are playing with a Tinkerbell card game. I think I’ll take this time to sit and read/crochet.

There is one thing I’m still learning how to do, and that is to slow down. I need to remind myself that it’s ok if I don’t get two loads of laundry done today like I wanted. I suppose it’s ok if I didn’t get a chance to braid the girls hair. The day isn’t done, maybe I’ll get to it after he’s had a nap and is a bit more cheery, maybe not.

Maybe we’ll play with the hose in the backyard instead.

Today I am slowing down. I’m not going to worry about what I get to, or don’t. Instead I’m going to enjoy this day at home with my children and be.

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3 thoughts on “>slowing down

  1. >It felt good to sit back and truly relax. We let the day flow and it was so peaceful. I was also able to really watch the kids play. I now have several ideas for more fun, open-ended activities when we're at home.

  2. >I am completely with u on that…we mamas have to relax and enjoy the ride. I am "check the task off the list" kind of gal, so I understand how frustrating it is when you've planned 2 loads of laundry but only accomplished 1, or wanted to braid the girls' hair but didn't get around to it. With my 2 girls if I do their hair on the same day, it takes ALL day…so I like to have a plan and try to follow through for sure. But sometimes life doesn't work out that way. And like you, I'm learning to relax and say "oh well…another day."

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