>Sunday Surf: Harassed For Breastfeeding In Public Edition

>I’m having a hard time understanding why society at large has such an issue with breastfeeding.
I mean really, it’s one of the most natural, and beautiful things on earth.

You may have hard by now about the woman who was ordered of the bus for nursing her two week old baby.  Here is the video in her own words of what happened.

The bus driver was suspended, and a nurse in was held this past Friday at the bus terminal. You can see the short video here.

Then I read about a woman police officer in DC who has to take leave without pay. The policy states that they must wear a  bullet proof vest while on duty. Her baby is only 8 weeks old. She went back to work and was initially working indoors, and she made a request to stay there. You can read the complete story here.

I read of another story of a woman being treated rudely at a police station by one of the officers. The officer told her she needed to leave if she was going to do that. No link for that one. Also, a friend was asked by a lifeguard at a pool to move to another spot to nurse her one year old.

That’s four different stories I’ve heard about in the past 10 days. I am so sorry these women have been harassed for breastfeeding in public.

I am so grateful that all of these women are standing up for their right to nurse their babies at any place, anytime.
Really shouldn’t be this way, ya know? I mean we’re feeding, comforting our children.
There is nothing vulgar about breastfeeding.

Have you encountered any negativity about nursing in public? If so how did you handle it?

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2 thoughts on “>Sunday Surf: Harassed For Breastfeeding In Public Edition

  1. >Very sad that this is the case. I have been fortunate to live in a breastfeeding friendly culture and am brazen in my breastfeeding approach anyway. I felt a little more reserved when I visited the UK last year but only a little…I then felt that I had to breastfeed in public as a stance to support it! I wonder how I would cope having to visit somewhere that has the types of attitudes in your post – really the world needs to get a grip and realise breastfeeding is natural and normal.

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