here and there

We had some major rain storms here all last week. We never knew if it would rain during the day or night, or if there would be pop-up showers throughout the day. We took our chances and headed out on foot one day.

I’m learning to like the rain. It doesn’t bring me down in the summer like it does in the winter.
That coupled with needing to save on gas, we’ve been home all week.  To my surprise it hasn’t been terrible. I’ve said this before – the girls love to go go go! I have needed this down time….more than I thought I did.

They say home is boring if we stay home more than two days in a row, and it is at times. I can do better at making home more fun. Since it’s impossible to be on the go constantly, I’m working on building up our arts and crafts supplies. They rarely seem to get tired of that when we’re home. I’m de-cluttering their toys to make room for a few new select ones I would like to bring into the house.

I borrowed a book –  The Creative Family by Soule Mama from a friend, and I’m really enjoying it. This book has inspired me in so many ways, and I’m not even half way through it yet! More on the book in another post.

I’m going through old clothes and giving them to the girls for dress up. Getting back into rotating toys.
Our bored jar seems to have gone missing, probably because we’ve been using it so much. I think one of the girls put it into their grocery bags when they were playing store.

Back to our walk….

We had a burger and fries first and then the girls watched at the window while their ice cream was made.
Ava was super excited when she realized the ice cream he came out with was for them.

After our stomachs were full we made our way back home, stopping in the shade to rest here and there.
Kiah found a mushroom at one of our stops.

The boy napped…

The girls had their strollers complete with giant stuffed bunnies. Once they saw I was taking Samuel in the stroller they had to grab theirs so they could be like me. I’m surprised they didn’t grab their baby wraps too!

We always look into this woodsy area when we’re walking, but we dare not go in. The girls say it looks scary and wet in there. I’m willing to bet they are correct on both counts.

I wish I was the hiking, exploring type, but I’m not. And it’s not like they’ve never been in the woods, and this isn’t the “real” woods anyway…only a small path behind some houses in our neighborhood.
Maybe Charles will explore it with them one day soon?

Doing things like this is my attempt at making home fun. They didn’t mind the heat since had our water bottles with us, and they loved talking about the different cars and trucks on the road. All of the signs and what they mean, listening to the birds when there was no traffic on the road.

There are so many state parks here. I do plan on taking them on a trail or two this summer, but I need Charles with me. He can ward off the bugs. I have a serious phobia of them.

Even though we were only out for a couple of hours – it was a nice break in the day. When we got home they went right back outside.

p.s. all photos were taken with my camera phone.

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