It was another scorcher yesterday. Our dryer still isn’t working so we have the lines out back. Although – I think even once the dryer is working we’ll still use the line most often. I forgot how relaxing it is. The girls love to help me hang clothes. At almost 100 degrees Kiah said it was too hot and went back in the house after about 5 minutes.

Samuel went off exploring the yard. he loves anything that spins or rolls. I often find him playing with the wheels on the girls doll strollers. Sometimes he’ll flip his cars and trucks over just to play with the wheels. It was no surprise that he found the pedals of a bike a great toy to play with.
We should probably get rid of that bike, I don’t if another chain would fix it or not.

Samuel was so cute picking up the pins and holding them up in the air – he wanted to help too. It amazes me how he imitates us at this age. He’ll be 14 months on the 21st. I don’t read the developmental articles and books like I did when we only had Kiah. I don’t really remember what’s normal and when they are supposed to hit certain milestones. It’s actually nice not worrying about any of that.

Ava is wearing my Miami Hoppediz wrap. She and Kiah were running around the house looking like they were from the middle east. One of my friends let me borrow a simple piece of cloth to use as a shorty wrap or rebozo for Samuel. Kiah was wrapped in that one.

Back inside throughout the day there was….

reading books
decorating with stickers
computer games
playing store
watching pink panther
spelling words
playing family – Kiah’s form of playing house
watching gumby
talking about the weather
back outside after 4 when it starts to cool down
baking with sand and grass
making pizzas out of rocks and mud

I think we had a nice full day yesterday. Later this afternoon we’re off to the beach with our friends at trees all dance

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3 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. I really do love having the line. Takes me back to my childhood of hanging clothes in my backyard. It will be nice once it's working again though.

  2. I love the photo of Samuel and the bike and the softening you did. Beautiful! Drag that one out the first time he goes on a date! Just kidding! They grow up so very very fast, don't they? I love the girls hanging the clothes as well. I love hanging clothes outside although with three children and a broken dryer I can understand why the need for it to be working. Hoping it gets fixeed soon.

  3. Hi Darcel! You remind me that we really need a new clothesline. Ours rotted years ago and I haven't gotten around to replacing it. It's been really hot here too. I can't bear it enough to get the weeds pulled in my garden so they are taking over!

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