Celebrate In Color Review

Today I’m doing a review on Celebrate In Color. 
Cleberate In Color offers paper plates, cups, napkins, and invitations for your upcoming baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, or a birthday. All for people of color.

Lakeisha, the owner,  emailed me and asked if I would be interested in doing a review of her products. After checking out her store I agreed. She sent me three different designs.

I loved the look of the designs on the website, and they didn’t disappoint in person. Not only are they nice designs, but the products are durable and made with higher quality paper. Plus, they are super affordable. It’s always funny to me when we use paper products because they girls don’t understand why we throw them away.

I had cards for the baby boy, but I have a feeling one of my daughters, or maybe both are using the cards for one of their many adventures around the house.

The napkins have the print on all four sides when you open them up. The cups didn’t leak liquid through after only a few minutes, that’s a huge plus in my book. who wants to grab a cup only to find it’s leaking out of the bottom onto your clothes?
The plates can hold a decent weight to them too. I wouldn’t pile the plate like a mini mountain, but they are strong. They also have a nice glossy finish to them.

My favorite of the three was the pregnant woman. She’s cute, holding a pink and blue onsie in each hand, and they have her dressed to impress.
You know how I feel about pregnancy and pregnant women…

I also really liked the Mr and Mrs. The girls couldn’t stop talking about getting married. They’ve been on that for a while now, this only encouraged more discussion of marriage –  not a bad thing.

The baby boy – I would really love to see a mother and child breastfeeding. I have nothing against bottles, I imagine his bottle is filled with breastmilk *grin*

There you have it! I think there is definitely a market for products like this for people of color. I imagine that Lakeisha and her team will be able to do so much with their new line.

Now you know where you and your friends can go to add a touch of color  to your upcoming celebration.

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4 thoughts on “Celebrate In Color Review

  1. These are precious! I LOVE the pregnant Momma too! Very cute… I love her high heels… my generation were such whimps about that kind of stuff.As far as your review, you did a great job. your focus on the products durability and function are what are the most important factors. Design of course is too but if it doesnt function…Im not interested.:)

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