the petting farm

We made another visit to Hunt Club Farm. My mom came with us this time. Being there really makes me want to live on a farm. I love that they are family owned and operated. They have lots of volunteers there for the summer. Most of them were high school students.

They also installed this fun dump truck right in between the goat and chicken coops.  It has three levers, and even I had trouble working it, but Kiah quickly picked it up. Both girls had fun scooping up the sand and dumping it back out.

On to the chickens…

Kiah saw the other kids picking them up and she wanted to do it too. Last time we were here she didn’t even want to touch them. She was perfectly content to watch them walk around.
This time she wanted to hold them, and she did. She was a little nervous at first, but became a natural within seconds.

We were there for over four hours and Kiah spent the majority of the time with the chickens.
She didn’t want to leave! I wasn’t about to make her leave either – while we explored the rest of the petting farm she would call out to us wherever we were to show us the new chicken she picked up.
If she was feeling nervous about picking up one of the bigger ones she would ask one of the other kids in there for help, or they would ask if she wanted help.

Turkey feathers!
I put Samuel at the wheel of this tractor because it was so big compared to him. He loved it and I had trouble pulling him away after a while. I had to hold the back of his shirt because he couldn’t sit up there by himself. Cuteness…

A mama peacock and her baby roamed the farm, along with several roosters, and we also stopped to check out the geese.

My mom found this kitten. She belongs to the owners of the farm. They also have a dog that you’ll find roaming from time to time.

They also had a small pin with rabbits in it. The kids could climb in and pet the bunnies, but we weren’t allowed to pick them up. Kiah was interested in them for all of two minutes, and then she was right back to the chickens.
To the goats! This was Ava’s favorite spot to hang out – the same as last time. Isn’t this tree massive?

They had brushes for us to use on the goats this time. The goats loved being brushed. I kept trying to snap a picture of ava brushing them, but she was running from one to the next so fast, and I was trying to keep up with Samuel. He kept grabbing them from behind.
Ava wanted to know what you call a baby goat. She laughed and talked about how cute it was when I told her that baby goats are called kids.
We got to watch the kids play with each other. Ava said they keep bumping heads to each other!  
I explained to her that’s how goats play.
Isn’t he so cute?!
Sometimes I really tire of city life. Charles and I talk often about living on lots of land with chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs and cats. Maybe we will one day.

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3 thoughts on “the petting farm

  1. Oh, that farm looks so beautiful! What a wonderful place to take your kids. Your kids are just so so cute!I hope you do get your dream farm one day.xxAriad

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