a magical day

outside play



kitchen play

the little mermaid



and all of this was before noon.

Things were a bit chaotic at first yesterday morning – I was feeling overwhelmed and needed a small escape. I was thinking of all the laundry, sweeping and other cleaning that needs to be done. Samuel was really fussy on this morning. I think he was still sleepy, but was fighting sleep. After I put The Little Mermaid in for them I put Samuel on my back and paced the floor.
Within minutes he was sleeping peacefully, and I decided to unwind and forget about the housework for a while.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, crocheting is very relaxing for me. I picked up some yarn this past weekend and have started on my first soaker for Samuel ( a soaker is a wool diaper cocer foe cloth diapers) I was so nervous about starting because I’ve not done a pattern yet.  So far it’s not bad at all. I did have to pull my first two rows out and start over…..I kept skipping a loop all the way down and had this big holes in my work. I kept thinking it didn’t look right, so to youtube I went. I found several amazing videos to help me with the stitches.

I can’t wait to see it all come together. I’m excited at the way it looks now. I had done 7 rows in this picture, but now I’m at 20. Maybe I’ll finish it today.

Frame: Grunge White,Snapbucket



dress up


snake talk

volcano chatter

talk of mama and her dolls when she was a little girl

back outside – but for water play this time

 I sat in the kitchen and crocheted so I could keep an eye on them with the hose out back.
The water play didn’t last as long as I thought it would. Maybe it wasn’t hot enough outside for them?

 Back inside they spread their towels on the living room floor, plopped down and got ready for Toy Story 2. We enjoyed ramen noodles, graham crackers and grapes during the movie.

I sat there enjoying my kids, watching a classic in this house, and I thought about being mindful and present. I wasn’t worried about housework(I ended up letting it all go)

I watched Sameul as he watched Ava drink the broth from her bowl….he grabbed his little bowl, picked it up and copied his sister. It was so cute!

Ava climbed into my lap for a few moments of one on one time with mama. She asked me to read  On The Day You Were Born.

It was nice  having her in my lap without Samuel flipping out. He has some jealousy issues with that.

I sat there holding one, watching my other two, and felt so at peace. Now can someone tell me how to keep this going?

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