Childhood Memories

We don’t realize when we’re kids how fast our childhood is flying by. Probably because we’re too busy living in the moment. We would be wise to take a lesson from children –  live in the moment.

Watching how fast my kids are growing got me to thinking about my own childhood. I wanted to share several of my favorite childhood memories with you.

We had a grapevine in our backyard. I loooooved picking those grapes and making jelly with them. I don’t remember the entire process, but I do remember mushing up the grapes and something about simmering on the stove.
We would can it, keep some for ourselves, and the rest went to neighbors, and people at church. I think we may have sold some.


We were one of the only kids on our street to have a pool in our backyard. It was a big round, above ground, three foot deep pool. I would do laps in that thing pretending I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
It tickles me to hear Kiah talk about how she wants to be a mermaid. Lets hope she inherits all my good and none of the bad.
We had so much fun over several summers with that pool. One of my dearest friends who used to babysit us back then had her nieces with her one summer. I remember when one of them made a crank call about breaking her arm to 911. We were in trouble when the police showed up.


My younger years were during the 80’s. We couldn’t get enough of Star Wars. I remember watching those VHS tapes over and over and over again. Then we would head across the street to our friends house and play Star Wars. I was always the princess. His swing set was our ship.


I also played Barbie with one of my friends. We would take turns on our porches making Barbietopia.
We each had a really nice collection of Barbies, Ken, Skipper……and all of the shoes, purses, etc that came with it.
That was so fun! If I close my eyes, I can picture us on her porch playing. I liked her porch better because she had the iron bars you could see through. Mine was one big solid slab.


I know many of you have childhood memories of family pet. I had many growing up. Turtles, catfish, cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds I would rescue throughout the neighborhood.
I remember my dad had the mam turtle and I had the baby. I came home one day and mine wasn’t there anymore. You know I’m still not sure what happened to my baby turtle.

One of my fondest memories, and to this day is one of my favorites….

Freckles. He was ADORABLE! An English Cocker Spaniel. I think he was around three months old – white with brown spots all over. He had these long floppy brown ears, this stubby brown tail, and freckles all over his face……so I name him Freckles.

I don’t really remember how old I was at the time…8 or 9 maybe? Freckles became my best friend the moment I laid eyes on him. From that moment we could not be separated. He was so easy to train since he went wherever I did. I had treats and taught him how to sit, stay and heel. I was so proud – he loved me and I loved him…..but there was a problem. I was extremely allergic to Freckles. My eyes were always red, puffy, watering, and swollen. My parents tried to convince me that I was allergic to him and that we needed to take him back. I wouldn’t do it. I thought they were trying to be mean and take away something I loved, and that made me so happy. 
Finally, they made a appointment for me to see my pediatrician. She ran a allergy test and it confirmed what everyone else already knew. I was allergic to Freckles….I had to take him back for my health.

I cried for days no matter where we were. Church, the store, in the car, at home, I cried myself to sleep every night.  I was so heartbroken….my best friend was gone.


Since I can’t leave you on a depressing note – one of my all time favorite childhood memories. Church picnics! We had a few amazing picnics every year. One was at a family’s house on the 4th of July, another at long time members home. I always thought they were a cute old couple back then. They had this amazing creek way way way back off their property. Splashing, playing tag, catching minnows, flirting… know the usual bunch-of-kids-in-a-creek-stuff.

I can’t forget our Annual Summer Church Picnic, or our Annual Harvest Party. We didn’t do Halloween.
We rented this massive park area, tons of trees, several shelters with a big kitchen, bathrooms, baseball diamond, volleyball.  Three of my favorite parts, the food, friends, playing  sardines on all that land late at night.


I often wonder what my kids will pull from their childhood as being some of their favorites.
I’m pretty sure going to the beach is going to be one of them.

Care to share any of your favorite childhood memories?

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