on the boardwalk

The Boardwalk has been a busy crowded place this summer. Even though we aren’t tourists, we like to take the kids down to the boardwalk every now and then to hang out. It’s fun to explore like we’re tourists.

I’ve been making it a point to take more pictures with the kids. I’m almost always the one behind the camera.
I love this photo of me and Kiah. I’ll have to post an updated photo of that dazzling smile. She finally lost that tooth.

The girls love walking around on the strip – their favorite part is checking out all the different shops.
Samuel becomes a people watcher. I wonder how things look from the view he has.

Charles says this is his Presidential pose. I love this little boy so much. *smooches*

Angry Birds! Nakiah and Ava enjoy playing this game on our phones. It is kinda fun, but I’m not into games all like that though.

My brother a.k.a Uncle R gave Samuel the red angry bird stuffed toy. It’s actually really cute, and Samuel didn’t put it down for a long time.

I didn’t look to see how much this shirt cost – I’m sure it’s some ridiculous amount like $25-$30

They had their pick of anything in the store and what did she choose? Another stuffed animal. Yes it’s Hello Kitty. Yes it’s cute. Yes Ava is in love with Hello Kitty right now.

As many stuffed animals as they have, they play with all of them. Lately it seems they have a stuffed animal of the week going.

My favorite thing about the board walk….the various acts. Charles said it looked like he put this act together in 30 minutes.
The girls were quite fascinated by him, but Samuel wasn’t too sure.

I like the live bands. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Hermit Crabs.

The last stop was this really cool souvenir shop. They had shells of all kinds, starfish, beaded necklaces, jewelry boxes, picture frames, feathers, clothing to name a few.

We liked this store and took our time window shopping. I wanted to take more pictures, but it was a small store and i was pretty sure they wouldn’t approve of me snapping random pictures of items in their store.

Another thing i like about the boardwalk in the summer – you can go down there any day of the week and it’s bustling. I don’t usually enjoy overcrowded places. I’m thinking it doesn’t bother me because we’re outside and the beach is right across the street.

Anyway….I really enjoy going down there. We’re talking about getting dressed up and going down there for a date night. I’m down for trying anyone of those restaurants.

We’ll have to go back in the fall to see how different it  is.

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