Almost all of the children I know love to have their hands running through water, or playing in the mud, or sand. This water and cornstarch goop is irresistible to tiny hands once you get it mixed up. I poured and they mixed with their hands.

Remember when we made goop outside this past spring? As you can see they were way messier with it this time. Plus, it had a better texture to it.

This is a really great sensory activity, yes it’s messy, but once it dries it peels right off. As I’ve stated before Nakiah and Ava are quite sensitive to texture. For a long time ago didn’t like to get her hands dirty, and if she did they had to be washed quickly.
Now she loves to get down and dirty with the best of em’

Nakiah did this over and over with her hands. I think she wanted to see if it would leave an imprint.
You know this is also a great science experiment. We had fun playing with the cornstarch to water ratio to get it the consistency they wanted.

They said they liked how it felt running off of their arms and hands. Even Daddy got in on the action before work….see his hand in there in the 2nd picture? I also like how you can see him grabbing some out of the bowl and you can see how formed it is.

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