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Mahogany Monday shows how mothers of color live a natural, mahogany lifestyle (i.e. breastfeeding, homeschooling/unschooling, babywearing , clothdiapering, adhering to a vegetarian/vegan diet, etc.)
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We ended up going to the in-laws for Irene. The girls were so happy to see their cousins!
They played hard from the time we got there Friday evening, until we left Sunday afternoon.
I wish I would’ve taken more pictures, but you know how sometimes your just not in the mood for picture taking?

That first night they played out front with the neighborhood kids alongside their cousin for a couple of hours. Chasing each other around the house, riding their ride on toys down the driveway and into the street. That was big big fun right there. Every so often you could hear kids screaming and toy car tires rolling along the pavement.

The rain started that night and didn’t stop. It’s one thing to choose to be inside all night, and into the next day, but when you really need to stay put because of the weather, not so good. I think we were all developing cabin fever towards the end.

Still, everyone was in good spirits. Irene died down before she hit us, and the kids didn’t seem to notice anything was going on other than a storm.
At one point Ava asked me mommy, why did the storm follow us over here?
 I understood her confusion. When we left Irene was still a 3 and making her way towards us. I told them we had decided to leave because there was a  really nasty storm coming our way and it could cause lots of damage.
When we left it hadn’t started raining. I explained all of that to her. She seemed satisfied with my answer and went back to playing.

Have you seen the movie Rio yet? It’s so cute! We all love the music….you can’t help but dance and sing to it.
At the beginning of the DVD the Scrat from Ice Age is there chasing his acorn, and there is this cute scene of how the world was divided into the continents because of him chasing after this acorn.

A sampling of some of the music from Rio.
The kids were so cute singing and dancing along to the music – why no pictures of that you ask? Because mama was singing and dancing along with the kids 🙂

We played UNO. The kids wanted to learn how to play so one of their Aunties showed them how. You know they don’t care about the draw 2 and draw 4, they were happy with making sure they kept with the color theme at the moment.

Then I found them playing by themselves…

We had a really good time even though we were over there because of the storm.
I’m sure we could have taken that time to discuss hurricanes and how they form, and all that, but the kids weren’t interested in a lesson. There was play play and more play for two days straight.

By the time Irene hit she was down to a category one. Lots of rain and wind. Some trees came down out there. We didn’t lose power, but it flickered ever now and then.
I’m so glad she didn’t come in like they thought she would. I’m thankful we have power and everyone is safe.

Thank you for the emails, comments, private messages, and tweets checking in on us.

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