I Could Sleep For Two Days Straight


I noticed the kids were coming down with something. They were all lethargic and the girls said their throats hurt.
Later that day the fireworks started, Samuel was running a snot faucet with green and yellow effects.

Then the girls started to feel warm and all they wanted to do was lie across the couch, so that’s what we did. We spent most of Tuesday cuddled on the ouch watching movies. Samuel and Kiah ended up taking a nap, and that was really nice because I was needing a break. All three kids were needing me, wanted to be in my lap and I was touched out.

Later in the day they all started with a cough, but it didn’t appear to be too bad. They all went down nice and easy that night.


Early Wednesday morning Ava woke with that dry barking cough so we started the nebulizer treatments with her. It wasn’t long before Kiah started too. Samuel was the only one who’s breathing wasn’t labored.
I had to give Ava treatments every 2 hours, she couldn’t seem to go longer than that without one. As long as I kept her calm-read no running,jumping, no usual rough house play, then she was ok. It was all of the coughing that got her going.

By the time Charles came home she wasn’t doing too well. He decided to take her to the ER. She was having a lot of retraction, couldn’t sit still and said her chest was sore – probably from the coughing and tightness in her chest.

Charles called after a while to tell me they gave her three treatments back to back and some Orapred – a steriod to open her up even more and hopefully keep her that way. She was wheezing pretty bad by the time they got to the ER.

After several hours  Kiah started coughing and wheezing pretty bad. I had already given her a treatment, but she was asking for another one. She couldn’t sit still, her shoulders were tense, and I couldn’t even get a pulse on her because she was working so hard to breathe.
I called Charles and told him we needed to get her to the ER, and Ava’s oxygen levels dipped below 90 so they wanted to keep her for another hour or two, give another treatment and see how she did.

The only problem was that we are a one car family. I asked on our local AP group on Facebook if anyone could take Kiah to the ER. It was late, close to midnight, and one of my friends responded and said she would be at my house within 20 minutes. She asked if I wanted to come and bring Samuel too, so that was the plan.

I really love and appreciate my friends. I didn’t want to call the ambulance because we can’t afford to pay for one, and she wasn’t turning blue or anything. I found out today that there is a volunteer ambulance service here in Va Beach, how cool is that? Another one of my friends posted that link for me.

Samuel was wheezing by the time my friend arrived. It’s amazing how fast that happens. Not only did she come out to take us to the ER she came with some snacks for us!
Once we got to the ER they had us checked in pretty fast, got us into a room and started treatments on both kids. Three breathing treatments each, just like they did with Ava.

We had the same doctor and respiratory therapist. As they were going between our rooms they kept Charles and I updated on each of the kids status.
I was so relieved when they said we could all go home. I think it was around 2am when we left.
Charles had been there with Ava since about 6-7pm.

Once we got home we gave all three kids one last treatment – they wanted us to do it every 4 hours.
The thing about these breathing treatments, while they help open them up, they also make them extremely wired.

All three kids were in rare form. I hadn’t really slept all that well in the past few days anyway. Charles was gone, he hadn’t slept all that well either.
Still doing treatments every 4 hours, but they were back to playing as usual. It seems like the treatments turn them into these extra wild children I don’t recognize. They were all over the place! One minute playing fine, the next melting into the floor crying.

And of course Samuel also has more teeth coming in, so he’s nursing around the clock, and my nipples feel like they’re about to fall off. I am not above bribing my children – so boob is what he got so I could get him to take his treatments. Whatever works, right?

Little sleep, three sick, yet wired kids does not make for a very nice mama. By the time Charles came home I. was. done.
I wanted to run away and hide for a little while. It was late and they were ready for sleep. I needed to get out of the house and it had been a while since we drove around to get them to sleep, so that’s what we did.

You know what? Once they fell asleep we were able to have an adult conversation without one of the girls calling us. Samuel had fallen asleep within minutes of driving.
We were talking about how the past few days had been so wild and crazy. it was like we couldn’t catch a break. I remember once saying how it was better when they were all sick at once instead of one each week, but now I’m not so sure about that.


I am not ready for this winter if this is what’s in store.

Right now the girls are playing in the kitchen with their flarp, and I LOVE that stuff just as much as they do. It keeps them busy for hours, I kid you not.
Samuel is passed out in my lap right now.

Earlier I was finally able to sweep the floor and pick up a little bit. laundry is always piling up, but it’s really piled up now, and you know what…..I don’t care! Everyone has clean clothes and underwear for the next few days.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to veg out on the couch while one sleeps and two continue to enjoy their flarp. I’m sure everyone will be back to needing me for something within the hour.

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