Meet Pocoyo

This cute little guinea pig is the newest addition to our family! The girls had been playing with our neighbor down the street for about 2-3 weeks now – Thursday evening the girls went out to play and within minutes were running back home super excited about something. I was cooking dinner and came back in the house. I knew Charles would fill me in on all of the excitement later.

This is how the conversation went:

Charles: Um….um…um…..
Me: Yes….?
Charles: Um….do you want a guinea pig?

Me: YES! We can set it up right here – pointing to and clearing the space for the cage in the living room with a big grin on my face.

The little girls mother had asked the girls if they wanted a guinea pig and that’s why they were running back home super excited. We had talked about it a while back, but put any bringing of pets home on the back burner – so we jumped at the chance to have a pet, something the girls have always wanted and talked quite a bit about.
He was free, came with the cage and almost a full bag of food. I don’t think we’ll need to buy food for him for a couple of months.

I had guinea pigs growing up, but it’s been a while so I took to the internet to refresh my memory on the care and keeping of guinea pigs.
Besides their cute size and soft fur, guinea pigs are pretty low maintenance. All of the snacks they like to eat are already a part of our grocery shopping. We already had grapes and left over salad. I cut up several seedless grapes, and took the carrots out of the salad for him to eat.

He hid in the corner of the cage for that first day. Whenever someone walked by he would run back to his spot. Now he’s adjusted to us and the kids just love him to pieces! I woke up Friday morning and forgot Pocoyo was here until I walked by him on my way to the kitchen.

Kiah talked about holding him all the way home from homeschool co-op on Friday.

 Even Samuel gets in on the action of feeding him. He’s taken several carrots and grapes right out of his hands.



At first he was named lele, then it was Bromie the Guinea Pig. A few minutes later the girls started talking about one of their favorite shows – Pocoyo. I asked them what they thought of naming the guinea pig pocoyo and they loved it! Both of them started jumping up and down and smiling, then they asked if he could have other names from the cast. Ava says he needs three names like we have – we’re still working on the rest of his names.

Lets see….so far we have learned that most of the time when he’s taken out of his cage and he starts that whine (Ava calls it humming) that guinea pigs make – it’s usually because he wants something to eat. Carrots seem to Pocoyo’s favorite snack. We also read that they eat apples, and that cucumber is good for them because of the water content. Red bell peppers are good for them because they are high in vitamin C – and guinea pigs don’t make it on their own. Also, they should only eat romaine lettuce.

The girls have been talking turns giving him fresh food and water every morning. One does the food, the other gets the water, then they switch off the next day.

I’ve been using this page quite a bit and looking up youtube videos. The girls love hearing and seeing how other guinea pigs act.
Kiah reminded me that we should never take him outside when the grass is wet – he can only have dry grass that hasn’t been cut.
We also found out that no one really knows why they’re called GuineaPigs. They aren’t from Guinea and they certainly aren’t pigs! Hay makes good bedding for them and it’s good for them to eat.

Kiah also pointed out to me that the Capybara looks like a guinea pig. We’ve been playing with several sets of our flashcards lately. I picked up a few like insects, space, dinosaurs and wild animals. They’ve been a huge hit. We checked the back of the card and sure enough – the Capybara is in the guinea pig family.

We also learned that they like to chew on wood. We went to Animal Jungle yesterday to pick up a couple of salt licks and a all natural chewing treat for Pocoyo.
Of course we didn’t run in and right back out. Ava wanted to see the birds – she even got to pet a Cockatoo. Kiah wanted to hold a snake – the girls took turns holding a Ball Python.

We talked about how even though his eyes are dark colored they look red when the light hits them. And we also talked about more of the fruits and veggies he can eat – we are going to try to come up with some sort of chart or system of what Pocoyo can eat.

I have to keep a close eye on Ava and Samuel. They like to throw different pieces of food into his cage for him to eat. I explained to Ava why he can’t eat everything we do, and I told her to ask us before she gives him something…. we’ll see how that goes.

Pocoyo is an unexpected, but very welcomed addition to our family.

*disclaimer* My camera was dropped in the sand the last time we were at the beach. All of my pics now come from the camera on my phone. I’m pretty upset about it, but at least I’m able to take pictures until we can buy another camera – hopefully sooner rather than later.

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