those laugh or cry moments

 I was trying to crank out a last minute blog post for the Carnival of Natural Parenting, but it just wasn’t working. We decided to take the kids for a ride – it was getting late and they were starting to get a little wild. I think with the days being shorter we may be missing their sleepy window…..we’ll work on that over the next few weeks.

Usually we either all pile on the couch and watch TV while they doze off, or Charles will take the girls upstairs to read Smurfs and The Howley Bird Comic. I’ll keep Samuel and sling him, pace the floor until he falls asleep.

He’s teething again – so he is constantly chewing on his fingers to feel his new teeth.

Back to last night….so we’re on our way to the gas station down the road, leterally down the road, not even 3 minutes. We’re almost there and we run out of gas! Charles hops out to push while I steer. He has to walk the rest of the way to fill a gas can, only the manager wouldn’t let him use the gas can because the last person who asked to borrow it never came back. So He ends up having to buy a gallon of water. He told me he stood there on the curb drinking as much as he could, because he didn’t want to pour it all out. Charles hates paying for water.

While all that was going on I was sitting in the van with the kids. Samuel was sleeping and the girls were playing Chess on Charles’ phone. Kiah had picked it up before we left the house asking what it was, she thought it looked kinda like Checkers. I don’t know how to play Chess and it’s been years since Charles has played.

I sat there listening to them talking about horses, king and queens, and who jumped over who, and who took the other persons horse etc…
It was really cute. There was no arguing, but lots of giggling.

So Charles gets back with the gallon of gas, puts it in the van and tells me to go ahead and turn it on, but you know what? The van won’t turn over because the battery was dead. I accidentally left it on the entire time he was gone. He could’ve gotten upset with me, but he didn’t….instead he walked across the street to see if someone could give us a jump, but he didn’t have any luck. So on to plan B. My dad came with our neighbors cables and gave us a jump.

It’s been well over an hour now, but the girls were still in good spirits. Charles and I were very annoyed at the situation, plus we still had to stop at the laundromat to dry the clothes because I washed late and didn’t get them on the line in time. We had run out of our essentials, so we most certainly needed these clothes for the morning.

We dropped them off at the laundromat and at first said we were going right back home, but decided to cruise for about 15 minutes. Wouldn’t you know both girls fell asleep. Charles carried Ava upstairs and tucked her in, came back to grab Kiah and I brought Samuel in. I asked him to snap this picture of the three of us. I have a photo similar to this with Ava and Nakiah.

After we got the kids all settled, we sat in the middle of the messy lving room eating and talking for about an hour.That was a long night.

This morning I once again tried to start a blog post, this same one I’ve been working on since 8am. The floor needs swept, dishes need done, laundry needs hung, and put away. Yup, it’s a mess and I gave up. I decided not to care about the mess.

My only two goals for today: Get out with the kids and the laundry, everything else can wait. That’s the basket from last night. It’s after 2pm and it’s in the same exact spot, actually the entire room still looks like it does, maybe a little worse since we’ve been playing.

The girls helped me hang the other basket. It’s gorgeous outside! Sunny, warm, nice breeze. Perfect fall day.

After we were done with the clothes we went for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.


The day isn’t done until midnight – maybe I’ll get to the rest of the house stuff and maybe I won’t.

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